Play online monkey puzzle games for kids for free with no download: Monkey Go Happy Christmas game is a fun, interactive hidden objects game & cool brain-teaser for teens (girls & boys) to play PC, Mac, iPad, tablet at home this Holiday Season with family. Best Monkey Go Happy games online.
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Fun Monkey Puzzle Game - Monkey Go Happy Christmas

Rating: 9/10 - 2209 votes

Let us introduce you to a family of surprisingly miserable monkeys that desperately needs some Holiday Season cheer! Monkey Go Happy Christmas is a head-scratching, hidden object puzzle for fun-loving gamers of all ages where you have to investigate scenes in a wintery woodland landscape, and solve intricate point-and-click puzzles in order to find 12 missing Christmas-themed objects! Using your computer mouse as an essential tool for your detective work, you must interact with the various places and items within the game in order to uncover the mystery of the well-hidden items (candy canes, baubles, presents, bells, and more..). Use your best sleuthing senses to try to see the bigger picture, piece together clues and related-items, and make one of this teary-eyed monkey family jump for joy at your success!

Based on the hugely-popular Monkey Go Happy series of problem solving mini-game adventures, this is a fun brain teaser exercise with a cool festive season twist! A really inquisitive mind and willingness to explore are essential attributes required here as you have to carefully and forensically examine each and every possible scene in order to engineer a solution to find all of the hidden objects. Logical thinking, strategic planning skills, a good memory, and dogged determination are also very important (You may have to retrace your steps if you find an interesting item). If you like playing Monkey Go Happy Christmas, see if you can find the original Monkey Go Happy game, as well as other Monkey Go Happy sequels on our Learn4Good site. Happy problem solving, and be sure to play with your family and friends this Holiday Season!

How to Play: Your ultimate goal is to make a member of the Monkey Family happy by finding all 12 missing objects from Christmas time. Choose your favorite monkey at the start of the game. Then, in order to turn your monkey’s sad frown upside-down, you have to carefully investigate all of the click-able, interactive items and areas within the game. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on anything unusual or potentially advantageous. Beginning in a wooden cabin, you first have to figure out how to escape (Clue: There is a Key on the fireplace). From here, you can move to the various different scenes in the snowy landscape by clicking on the Yellow Arrows that appear on the borders of the game area.

As you progress through the game, click on anything unusual that you see. Some of the items may be hidden behind trees, under water, in other cabins etc. Some of the hidden objects can only be discovered by correctly utilizing other objects that you have picked up along the way. Keep investigating until all 12 items have been found. Tip: Your mouse cursor shows into a hand when it is hovering over something interesting. Enjoy this fun treat!

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