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Online Puzzle Game - Magic Cube

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Magic Cube: In this fun and addicting logic training game for all ages, rotate and assemble the rubik cube so that all the sides have the same color. For example, one side will be all red, and another one all blue, etc. Have fun completing the challenging game! Lets see if you have the brain power so solve the puzzle!

Complete the rubiks cube so all sides are the same colour! This game requires a good ability to sort colours, and to be aware of all sides of the cube simultaneously. This is a difficult skill to master but take your time, plan your approach and you will be successful!

How to Play: Choose the rotation direction using your computer mouse. Use the left click on the mouse to drag sides of the rubiks cube, so the square that you click, and hold, will turn with the cursor. If you want to turn the whole cube around, click and hold on the outside of the cube and drag around. On mobile, use your finger on the touchscreen to interact with the cube.

This HTML5 based game works on Mobile, tablets and PC/Mac browsers.

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