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Cool Puzzle Game - Sugar, Sugar: The Christmas Special

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Here is an original trial and error game for devoted fans of head-scratching online puzzles. Bring your problem solving skills to full flow in this awesome Holiday-themed version of one of the most innovative brain teasers on the web! Sugar, Sugar: The Christmas Special is an addicting and highly-stimulating, gravity-based puzzle game where you have to use your creative engineering and drawing skills to divert a descending flow of sugar granules into color-coded cups! Use your mouse to construct helpful bridges, tunnels, and pathways to channel the tiny sugar pixels in your desired direction, but beware of awkwardly-positioned obstacles, altering states of gravity, and finicky color-changes. Each cup must be filled with 100 sugar granules, and luckily, you’ve got an unlimited amount of time to engineer a ‘sweet’ solution to each level.

So, it's time to give your fancy consoles a break, and get your mind and body focused on solving this challenging puzzler that requires plenty of deep concentration, logical thinking, quick reactions, and good decision making skills. This really is a barnstorming, interactive brain teaser than can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages as long as you are prepared to get hooked right in as you try to figure out the often very intricate solutions to each increasingly difficult level. Festively-themed obstacles such as reindeer, snowflakes and baubles only add to the magic! Now, Christmas Puzzle Master, can you display the deft drawing skills to find the design requirement? Enjoy the action!

How to Play: In each of the 24 progressively challenging levels, your goal is to channel 100 of the correct sugar granules into each of the cups positioned around the game screen. Some cups have to be filled with 100 granules of the same color, while others have a 50 / 50 split of two different colors. A large volume of white sugar granules enter the play area by streaming down out of the large comma (,) at the top of the game screen. These white granules can change color by passing through a specific color "filter" gateway (you can have multiple different color-coded cups in each level).

Your job is "simply" to divert the granules into their corresponding cups by drawing lines on the game screen. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and drag to draw a line of paint. The descending sugar granules interact with your paint, which is why you need to draw lines in strategic positions so that the flow of sugar is channeled toward a target cup. Once all cups have been filled, you automatically progress to the next level. In later levels, you have to contend with altering states of gravity. Click on the black and gold Arrow button in order to reverse the effect of gravity (i.e., the sugar flows ‘upward’). You have an unlimited amount of time to complete each level. The sugar flow stops eventually, but by that time, there are more than enough granules in play. If you find a level just too tricky, have your family members or friends help you out!

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