Play free USA geography games, U.S. map games online with no download: U.S. States Crossword puzzle, a fun 50 states puzzle game to learn state locations for kids (girls/ boys) in elementary/ middle/ high school to test, quiz their knowledge of their country. Classroom activities for PC, Mac, iPad..
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U.S. States Crossword Puzzle Game

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Play an interactive online crossword puzzle game where you can help improve your U.S. geography, spelling, and crossword skills all in one! U.S. States Crossword is a straight-forward yet highly-educational geography-based game for younger children through high school students where you have to use your knowledge of U.S. state locations on a map to fill in a multiple-clue crossword puzzle! Elementary school educators especially may find this fun, easy-to-play online puzzle game a helpful teaching aid to supplement a class on the geography of the Unites States, the positioning of each state on the map, and the spelling of each individual state name. Introduce a competitive edge by seeing who can finish the puzzle first, or simply use it as a relaxing educational enhancement activity! Basic knowledge of state names isn’t enough here though as players also need to exhibit good spelling and quick keyboard skills! From Maine to California, Arizona to Alaska, let’s see what you know!

How to Play: You begin each game with an empty crossword grid above a map of the United States. Hover your computer mouse cursor over one of the empty crossword spaces to receive the ‘clue’ for that particular space. If you hover your cursor over a ‘vertical’ word on the grid, a Blue flashing beacon appears in one of the states on the map. The name of this particular state must then be filled into the space. Likewise, if you hover over a ‘horizontal’ word on the grid, a Red flashing beacon appears in a state on the map. If you think you know the correct state, click on the first letter of that word, and type in its name. Each time you type in a letter, the cursor automatically jumps to the next space (so you don’t have to click into each letter space individually). If the letter is correct, it appears in a black font. However, if a letter is incorrect, it appears in a red font.

If you want to play a timed game (for more pressure), click on the ‘Start’ button on the right of the game screen in order to start the clock. However, if you want to play without time constraints, simply start typing and solving without clicking ‘Start’. If you get stuck at any stage, or want to change the puzzle, simply click the >> button in the bottom right corner of the play area.

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