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Baby Care Game for Girls - Sweet Babies Care Center

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Are you ready to become a Supernanny to some lovable little kids? Sweet Babies Care Center is a cute online childcare simulation game where you have to take care of 3 demanding babies in your very own pre-kindergarten daycare center. You play the role of the caregiver to the adorable little tykes, and you have to make sure they are constantly fed and watered – as well as kept amused by their favorite toys. But be warned, if they don’t get what they want, they might just scream the house down! Keep the little guys happy, and score points for how quickly you give them what they need.

This colorful caring game will really test your multi-tasking abilities, as there can be three babies at a time – all wanting your attention. You’ll also need quick reactions, as these rascals will give your ears a ringing if they don’t get their preferred treat in double-quick time! This fun point-and-click game is very suited to any girls or boys who mimic having their own children when playing or caring for others. Are you ready to show your warm side? Good, it’s time to fill up that bottle – the thirsty babies are waiting!

How to Play: In each level, you have a set target number of points that you have to reach to progress. Score points by giving the babies what they want before their status bars fill all the way up. There are 3 baby-seats in your care center, and every few seconds, a baby appears on one of them. You can see the items that they want in a picture beside their heads – this could be a bottle, a toy, snacks, chocolate, or a new diaper (nappy). These items are all available along the bottom of the game screen. Using your computer mouse, Left Click and drag the desired item to the baby before the orange status bar fills all the way up. If you get the items to them in time, you score points and the baby is happy. If you don’t make it, the baby starts crying and you score no points.

The target score is in the top right corner of the game screen. Once you reach the target, you progress to the next level. The levels increase in difficulty in that babies appear more often and the target gets higher. Tip: Sometimes, two or more babies appear at once. Give them their desired items one baby at a time. This gives you a better chance of scoring points from both of them.

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