Play Henry Stickman games online for free with no download: Breaking The Bank game is a good fun RPG stick game for kids (girls & boys) to play now on PC, Mac, iPad, tablet with cool animation & awesome graphics. Play top stick people games, funny adventure strategy games for teens online.
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Fun Henry Stickman Game - Breaking The Bank

Rating: 8.6/10 - 7453 votes

Breaking The Bank is a hilarious stick figure movie and "choose your own destiny" RPG adventure game where you control the fortunes of the eccentric and hapless "Henry Stickman", a lovable and rather gullible character who has suddenly decided to break into a high security bank in the middle of the desert. You play the role of the story narrator, and have to make important multiple-choice decisions on Henry’s behalf. Your goal is to generate a favorable scenario that results in Henry making off with the loot! However, this is easier said than done as you find yourself repeatedly causing trouble for poor little Henry! The upside is that each decision you make is followed by a very funny, light-hearted stickman sketch.

Have you got the imagination, patience and determination to plot a cunning route to the bank’s vault? Of course, stealing and robbing a bank is completely wrong in real life – but in Henry Stickman’s madcap virtual world, it becomes a bit of a laughing matter! If you enjoy "Breaking The Bank", also look for the sequels "Escaping The Prison", "Stealing The Diamond", and "Infiltrating The Airship" on this games site.

How to Play: This original, entertaining and interactive role playing animation game follows a very innovative ‘choose your own action’ style where you create a specific storyline for the central character. At the beginning of the game, our hero is poised at the outer wall of the bank, and your ultimate goal is to develop a scenario where the lovable Henry Stickman breaks into the bank, and steals some valuable loot. You are shown six possible tools / scenarios that Henry can use – a Spade to Dig a Tunnel, a Wrecking Ball, a Disguise, a Teleporter, an Explosion, and a Laser Drill. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the object of your choice, and each time you do, a fun animation develops the story. There may well be a lot of trial and error required as you attempt to pick the right narrative path in order to continue Henry’s quest for a big payday! Explore all of the possible routes to experience each of the fun animations!

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