Best physics games online free on Learn 4 Good: Science puzzle game Liquid 2 is an awesome physics based learning games for kids to play now on PC, Mac, iPad, tablets without download. Fun brain-teasers, gravity puzzles online, science & physics interactive learning activities for the classroom/home.
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Good Interactive Physics-based Puzzle for Kids - Liquid 2

Rating: 7.7/10 - 312 votes

Liquid 2 is one of the most unique and innovative puzzle & skill games we’ve had the pleasure to play on Learn4Good! It’s a tricky and challenging physics-based rotating maze game for kids / teens where you have to guide as many drops of white liquid as you can to the designated 'End Zone' in each level. Set in a cool, psychedelic art-style landscape, you have to manipulate and spin the playing field around to make sure the liquid travels along your desired route through each maze. In later levels, you must unlock doors, avoid obstacles, and maneuver the white liquid around shapes that are blocking your direct path.

If you’re eagerly looking for an inventive and original brain teaser puzzle, then Liquid 2 could be just that game! It requires very good hand-eye coordination, quick reactions and expert strategy planning as you have to plot a safe route through the increasingly tricky rotating maze levels. This is a cool activity for gamers who specifically enjoy physics-based puzzles, or players who enjoy testing themselves against a simple concept with an awesome new twist! Some understanding of the rules of physics and gravity can be an advantage here as the Liquid reacts to gravity within each maze as would water. Do you have the patience, creative thinking and deft handling skills required to direct a sufficient volume of this precious Liquid to the End Zone? Ok “Liquidator", it’s time to make a splash! Good luck!

How to Play: There are 50 drops of Liquid in total in each level. The levels become increasingly challenging, and your goal is to get at least 20 drops of the white, water-like Liquid into the ‘End Zone’ area so that they can "pass through" the bright orange 7 or 8 sided-shape that acts as a counting device. While the drops of liquid are mostly joined together at the beginning of the level, they soon separate on your introduction of movement, and react to gravity depending on how you maneuver the playing field. The controls are simple – hit the Left or Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to rotate the maze (alternatively you can use the A or D Keys). The maze can be rotated a full 360 degrees.

As the maze moves, the Liquid reacts to gravity and hits off the walls of the system. You have to try to navigate as many drops of Liquid as you can to the End Zone. The drops successfully collected in the End Zone are indicated in the top right corner of the game screen. There has to be a minimum of 20 drops in the orange End Zone area at the same time to progress to the next level. When you achieve this, a ‘Next’ button appears in the bottom right corner. Click on this to move to the next challenge.

The more drops you get into the End Zone, the more Stars and Bonus Points you earn. You get 1 Star for 20 drops, 2 stars for 35 drops, and 3 stars for 49 drops out of 50. In later levels, there are color coordinated keys that you have to collect to unlock doors. Collect keys by simply touching them with a drop of Liquid. Once you collect a key, the door of the same color automatically disappears, allowing you to reach new parts of the maze. There are also obstacles such as large solid shapes that react to gravity in a similar way to the Liquid.

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