Free online science games, balancing games for kids to play now with no download: Ball Balance is a fun scale game for kids based on physics & gravity. Interactive learning games, problem solving puzzles for PC, Mac, Ipad for children (girls/ boys) in preschool/ elementary school/ middle/ high school.
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Balancing Scale Physics-based Game - Ball Balance

Rating: 7.9/10 - 244 votes

Are you a ‘well-balanced’ person with a love of stimulating and challenging games? Ball Balance is a straight-forward, physics-based skill game for kids where you have to score points by successfully balancing a series of weighted balls on a specially-designed, ball-carrying scale. The scale has 5 different dropping areas to the left and right of the fulcrum (the gravitational center of the structure), and you have to make sure it doesn’t tip over; Do this by loading each side with an equal weight of balls. As well as keeping the scale in a carefully-balanced equilibrium, you must also try to score points by positioning three same-colored balls in a row, horizontally or vertically.

This unusual ball balancing activity is a good choice for exercising your multi-tasking skills. An understanding of the law of gravity as well as good concentration are extremely important here. One slight mistake, and the whole structure could topple over! Quick reactions also come into play, with different colored and weighted balls coming thick and fast as you progress further into the game. Your status as a Skill Game Superstar is hanging in the balance - it’s time to show who is a true master of balance!

How to Play: Your goal is to score as many points as possible by positioning three same-colored balls in a row on the Scale – either horizontally or vertically. However, you have to keep the scale balanced while trying to earn that elusive three colored balls in-a-row bonus. Each ball has a number on it, and that number corresponds to the weight of the ball. A ball with a number 2 on it weighs more than a ball with a number 1 on it, and so on. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, move the on-screen ball from left to right above the Scale, and Left Click to drop it into your chosen ‘Area’. There are 5 Areas either side of the Scale’s central fulcrum. If you take too long to drop the ball, it automatically drops into the Area it is positioned above when "move-time" runs out (roughly 5 seconds).

The further you drop a ball from the fulcrum, the greater the effect it has on the equilibrium (balance) of the Scale. If you position 3 or more balls of the same color in a row, they disappear, adding to your score in the top left corner of the game screen. Once these balls disappear from the Scale, you have to react quickly to avoid the scale tipping over as a result of the sudden shift in weight (You can see the next available ball just underneath the Scale’s fulcrum). Once the Scale tips completely to the left or right, and touches the bottom of the game screen, it's game over, and you have to start again. There are three mysterious Power-Up Balls that appear randomly throughout the game. Can you find out their effects, if any?

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