Free ballons shooting games for kids/ online balloon popping games for PC, Mac, iPad without downloading. Bloons 2: Christmas Expansion game is a fun monkey balloon shooter game for young kids (girls/ boys) to play now with family online. Flash games, arrow shooting skill games for tweens.
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Balloons Shooting Game Online - Bloons 2: Christmas Expansion

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It may be Holiday Season but there’s one heroic balloon-popping monkey who simply never takes a day off! Bloons 2: Christmas Expansion is a challenging, fun dart throwing game for kids where you have to pop a set target number of versatile balloons in each colorful level. As ever in the hugely-popular Bloons series, you play the role of the cheeky dart-curling monkey, and have to utilize all manner of awesome throwing techniques, specialized darts, and helpful power-ups in order to clear the sky of those pesky little balloons.

This light-hearted missile shooting game is all about good hand-eye coordination, expert dart launching accuracy, and good strategy. There is a special knack to completing each level, and the shooter has to be as adaptable as the ever-changing, balloon-filled landscape. As this is a special festive time version of Bloons, you can expect special features that match the theme; such Candy Cane Boomerangs, Frozen Balloons, Special Gifts, and maybe a little help from Santa Claus himself if you’re lucky! Ok Sharp Shooter, let's get to some balloon popping action! Happy holiday!

How to Play: In each of the 48 progressively more difficult levels, your goal is to eliminate a set target number of balloons by throwing darts and other objects at them. The Target is displayed prominently at the bottom of the game screen. Your dart-throwing monkey is normally positioned in the bottom left corner. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to aim your dart gun, and Left Click to fire. Hold down the Left Mouse Button to increase the power of your throw, and release it to fire (a Red Power Arrow indicates the direction of your throw, and grows / reduces depending on the power of your throw). Once you run out of darts / missiles, the level is finished. If you reach the Target number of balloons to pop, you progress to the next level. If you do not reach the Target, you must replay the level.

When you pop certain Power-up Balloons, you receive extra darts and other special projectiles that can be used to your advantage. Special Boomerang missiles give you the opportunity to pop many more balloons than an ordinary dart, while you can also earn a ‘three-pronged’ dart which gives your monkey much more firepower. The most valuable Power-up is a ‘Sleigh Shot’. Here, a Green Arrow moves up and down along the left side of the game grid. Simply stop the Arrow by clicking your mouse, and a monkey-Santa rides horizontally across the game screen, wiping out any balloons in his path. If you get stuck, click on the ‘Reset’ button at the bottom of the play zone. Alternatively, you have 5 ‘Skip Level’ options which can be activated by clicking on the ‘Super Monkey’ button located just above the Reset button. Tip: For beginner players, you can turn on ‘Unlimited Darts’ by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner of the Level Select Screen. Enjoy!

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