Play Boxhead zombie games online: Free zombie shooting war games on PC without download. Boxhead More Rooms, an action-packed zombie war strategy game for kids (boys & girls) & teens to play on the internet in your home. Addicting shooting games, action games, 3d flash games, RPG games..
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Shooting Zombies Game Online - Play Boxhead - More Rooms

Rating: 9.3/10 - 4088 votes

Boxhead - More Rooms: One of the most challenging BoxHead series games - this "More Rooms" version offers you (Jon Bambo) a selection of 10 Weapons, 90+ Upgrades and requires your skill to take out the Zombie army and the new fire-spitting Beast! Jon, our action hero, is back and a new beast is out to help zombies do their dirty job. Although you are equipped with even more weapons and equipment, the Zombies have gone an extra mile too in learning how to follow you better and working as a team in large groups. You have to beat the Beast or he will take you down. You must get all the 90+ upgrades and perfect your skill if you wish to withstand these creatures. Gun upgrade boxes appear temporarily, and vanish quickly if not collected. Upgrade boxes don’t come often, making it even harder for you to survive the zombie onslaught. You have a wide selection of rooms to enter if you find one room or another too easy for you. Watch for notices appearing about available new weapons, and use them immediately to build protective shields with explosive barrels and a rain of grenades. Better weaponry becomes available as you shoot down the zombies and these weapons are selectable for as long as you have ammo for each.

How to Play: Start looking for zombies from the very first second, and hunt them down quickly without wasting time on altogether badly aimed shots. Every second, new zombies arrive and if time is wasted, you will be overwhelmed by them with no place to run. You just have a pistol at the beginning and fire it by pressing the Space button on your computer keyboard. You can control where Jon is going through the arrow keys on your keyboard. A red fire-spitting Beast will come to help the Zombies. Fortunately, if a zombie is hit by that fire – it dies as well, and it pays to run around the zombies while Beast is spitting fire. Try to shoot him down first, as otherwise he is going to cause you a lot of damage. Your health bar is displayed above you and if you are hurt it goes from green to red. You do regain your health with time if no more damage is caused to you. It is a good strategy to build your base using barrels, fake walls (once they become available) after collecting a certain amount of points and make zombies go through one corridor to you. To see the full list of ammo and upgrades – press the P button on your keyboard. To resume the game, again press the P button. You can walk at a 45 degree angle and shoot at the same time if you press two arrow buttons at the same time (for example, the Up and Left or Down and Right arrow keys).

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