Free online cannon ball shooting game skill games for kids to play with no download: One Man Siege is a fun throwing game for PC, Mac, iPad, tablet computer. Skill games for children (girls & boys) online, new action games, funny shooting games, thinking strategy games for all the family..
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Fun Cannon Ball Shooting Game - One Man Siege

Rating: 8.1/10 - 215 votes

The ‘last man standing’, the "ultimo hombre", is a heroic figure in all aspects of warfare. No matter how highly the odds are stacked against him, he somehow manages to pull victory from the jaws of defeat! Now, it’s time for you to take up this bravest of mantles! One Man Siege is an action-packed, skill-based throwing game where you play the role of a sole medieval soldier who has to topple cannon-firing towers by catching and chucking cannon balls right back at the enemy! Turn defense into attack as you smartly pluck these devastating projectiles from the sky, and quickly use them to your own advantage!

This fast-paced action game is requires good observation skills and quick reactions as you carefully avoid the raining cannonballs while also eying up potential weak spots in the walls of the enemy castle. With only a strong arm as leverage to fire your weapons, your chances of victory are very much reliant on the accuracy and power of your throw. Remember to be patient in your actions, pick the right time to launch your own cannonball offensive – as the Underdog, you don’t need to go ‘gung-ho’ here. But have you got the skill, power and determination to turn your enemy’s weapons against them? Let the One Man Siege begin!

How to Play: In each progressively challenging level, your objective is to topple the enemy castle on the left of the game screen by throwing cannonballs at it – either by knocking the tower off balance or by destroying blocks and causing it to crumble. The enemy castle has a number of cannon turrets housed within its walls. These turrets fire cannonballs at regular intervals toward your soldier. Your soldier is positioned on the right of the game screen. Using the A and D Keys on your computer keyboard, move to the left and right in order to catch a cannonball in your hands.

Once you have a cannonball in your grasp, aim using your mouse or touchpad, and Left Click to fire. The longer you hold down the Left Mouse Button, the more powerful your throw becomes (indicated by the Power Bar in the top left corner of the game zone). You can only catch and hold one cannonball at a time. If you get hit by a further cannonball while there is one still in your possession, you lose a life (indicated by the Green Circles in the top right corner of the battle area). If you lose all 4 of your lives, you fail the level. If you topple the castle with at least one life intact, you progress to the next level (There are two different types of enemy tower blocks: Stone, and Metal. Stone blocks can be destroyed with 5 hits, while metal blocks can be pushed by the cannonballs in order to knock the castle tower off balance).

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