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Cool Fun Shooting Game - Paper Wars

Rating: 9/10 - 2761 votes

Have you ever been so bored that you doodled on a piece of paper? Sure you have! However, did those cheeky sketches and light-hearted drawings ever burst into life in the form of an intergalactic shooting game full of slimy creatures and blasting bazookas? Paper Wars is an all-action alien shoot ‘em up game with an unusual twist! Instead of the battle taking place with rocket-powered spaceships in a far-away galaxy, this battlefield is a normal, every-day school copybook gone "completely wild"! Guide your purple-haired hero around the page, in between the lines, and most importantly of all - away from the fast-approaching space aliens!

This fun and addicting shooting activity is a true test of your quick mouse-moving and reaction skills. Your hero fires his weapon automatically – but you have to use some smart wrist action to make sure the feisty little guy evades the ever-dangerous space monsters. Dodge and weave around the paper play area, increase your firepower with special Power-ups, and see if you can survive all the way to the end of this 20-page epic adventure! Let’s turn these troublesome creatures from detailed doodles into proper paper mulch! Opening a copybook has never been so much fun! Can your friends get as far as you?

How to Play: In each of the 20 increasingly challenging levels, your goal is to survive until the end by quickly dodging out of the way of oncoming space creatures. Wave after wave of these little monsters enter the copy book area from all angles. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to move around the game screen (the purple-haired ‘Hero’ mimics the movement of your mouse cursor). Although not essential, using your automatically-firing weapon to eliminate creatures is advisable! Not only does destroying the creatures score points toward your total, it also clears the game area, and gives you more room to maneuver. Each time you cross over the center line on the page, your hero switches the direction of his missile fire.

If you collide with one of the creatures, you lose one ‘Heart’ from your Health Bar at the top of the game screen. If you lose both Hearts, you lose a life, and you ‘Respawn’ at the start of the level. However, your original character also returns as a ghost, and helps you by repeating exactly what he did the first time around! You can also pick up helpful Power-ups along the way including more powerful bullets (Lightning Bolt Power-up), extra lives (Heart Power-up), and slowed-down enemies (Clock Timer Power-up). See what happens when you collect a Bomb! A Mini-Map timeline of the level is located along the bottom of the game screen. If the mini-hero Icon reaches the end of the timeline without losing a life, you progress to the next level. Happy days!

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