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James Bond Shooting Game - 007 Agent Attack

Rating: 7.9/10 - 467 votes

007 Agent Attack is a classic arcade-style, action-packed shooting game where you find yourself immersed in a dangerous mission, and have to pick off enemy shooters with accurate shots fired from a stationary position. You play the role of 007 Agent, James Bond - the world's most famous international spy. In this challenging virtual gun fight, you attempt to infiltrate a heavily-guarded missile facility by carefully and methodically eliminating the dozens of guards and henchmen that pop up all over the game screen every few seconds. Armed with Bond’s trademark Walther PP semi-automatic pistol, and a host of other effective weapons, you have to exhibit good hand / eye coordination, pinpoint accuracy, patience, and a sense of calm under fire. Firing wildly into the night is a recipe for an early exit in this heated battle. Just like the great man himself, your shooting tactics have to be suave and sophisticated if you want to progress. Good luck 007!

How to Play: You have 40 seconds to eliminate as many enemy soldiers as possible. These bad-guys pop into view every couple of seconds in random spots throughout the game screen. Use the cursor of your computer mouse or touchpad to aim, and Left Click to fire. The quicker you eliminate a target, the more points you score. Press Spacebar to switch between the Walther PP pistol and a more powerful rifle. Use your bullets wisely as it takes a couple of valuable seconds to automatically reload.

Failing to shoot down an enemy soldier quickly results in you taking a hit. This reduces your Health Bar in the top right corner of the play zone. If your Health Bar runs out before the time elapses, you fail the mission. However, if you survive for the full 40 seconds, you are shown a Mission De-Briefing score sheet. Here, you can analyze your accuracy, shots fired, enemies eliminated, points scored. Keep repeating the level in order to improve your stats.

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