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Boxhead - The Rooms

Rating: 9.2/10 - 2711 votes

Boxhead - The Rooms is a zombie shooting action game where Jon Bambo (played by you) is back to save the world from invading zombies. In this special edition of the Boxhead game series, Jon is more equipped and packed full of explosive weaponry. There is only one type of creature to defeat - the Zombie. Shoot or explode as many zombies as possible in one go. The more of them you get in one go, the higher score you achieve and the more weaponry at your disposal. There are 5 combat locations to choose from – a bridge defense, tunnels, a tomb and others. Some locations have 2 while some have 4 ways for zombies to come and attack you. You start with a pistol which is the only weapon that has an unlimited number of rounds and can be used when any other weapon is out of ammo. With every Zombie killed, you get closer to more advanced weaponry which becomes available in the form of red boxes. Once you collect the box – certain weaponry becomes available or it tops up your existing gun ammo. New weaponry is displayed on the screen briefly with the number key assigned to it.

How to Play: Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to move about. While it is fairly easy to get around at the beginning of the game, very soon things get crowded. Try to keep zombies at the entrance area without letting them fill every corner of the room. Explosive barrels are a great way to get a good bunch of zombies with one shot, but be careful – if you shoot at a barrel in close proximity, you may get hurt as well. Every new gun available has a key number assigned starting from 1 which is a pistol, up to 0. You can switch between them quickly when they are available. For example, shoot a good dozen of the zombies, collect ammo boxes and get an Uzi weapon. Press 2 and start shooting all of them using your Uzi. Soon you’ll have a box with a Shotgun available. Press 3 to use it. When you collect grenades, try to throw them (grenades are thrown using Space button – the same button is used for shooting as well) to a zombie-crowded area to eliminate as many of them as possible. Avoid getting in even brief contact with zombies as they will hurt you and eventually you will be killed. It is best to be on the run all the time while clearing your path with the most powerful gun you have available. You can see the amount of ammunition available in each gun once it is selected. The number is shown just above your head. If you see the “infinity” sign – you have no limits with this weapon and it can be used as much as needed.

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