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Free Zombie Shooting Game Online - Thing-Thing 2

Rating: 8.9/10 - 1018 votes

Thing-Thing 2 is a stylish shooting game where you get to eliminate all zombies in sight! It’s set in a slick black and white world. Your goal is to escape from the city by shooting anyone or anything that gets in your way. There are six different characters to choose from and five different survival situations. You can see your progress in the top left corner of the game screen. Once your "HP" bar is empty, it’s game over. You need to move and shoot fast, while doing back-flips through the air! Shoot the zombies (your enemies), steal their guns and get out of the city - before it’s to late!

TIPS: Aim for the zombies' heads. This way, zombies are eliminated faster. Make sure the sights of your gun (the white circle) are on target. Jump a lot to avoid getting hit by approaching zombies. To unlock secret weapons, finish each level in survival mode with a high score (called kills). If you find a Derringer gun, save it for close-range situations and make sure to collect more ammo as the Derringer has only 2 bullets initially. If all bullets are used up, the Derringer gun is discarded.

How To Play: Choose your Character from the bottom right of the game screen. Then click on your type of Survival Mode on the left side of the game screen. You have to keep your stamina high at all times. It is needed for running, jumping and punching zombies. When zombies get too close to you, don‘t use your weapon - it is useless. Instead punch them by clicking the Control button "Ctrl" on your computer keyboard. Make sure you collect every item that zombies drop - ammo and weapons. Make sure to read the tutorial available within the game screen as it provides more winning hints and examples.

Keyboard Controls: Use the A key or Left arrow key to move Left; D key or Right arrow key to move Right; Shift to Run; W or Up arrow key to Jump; use your Mouse to Aim; Click your left mouse button to Fire; press the F key or digit 0 to Switch Weapons.

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