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Fast Tapping Reaction Game - Robot Shooting

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Get ready for a futuristic shoot-em-up action adventure! Hoverbot Arena 2 is a challenging online shooting game where you control a hi-tech Hoverbot (a floating robot armed to the teeth), and have to eliminate a bunch of other robotic enemies of different shapes. Take on various challenges where you have to survive for as long as possible – or simply blast everything in sight! Each level takes place in a large enclosed arena, – there’s nowhere to run – so you’ve got to fight fire with fire! Blast through your enemies as they close in around you, and collect the scrap metal that they leave behind.

Keep upgrading your Hoverbot to transform it from a modest shooter into an awesome space-age firing machine! Your quick reactions are the key to success here, as you have to dodge and weave your way around the arena, avoiding impact with enemy robots. Watch out for missiles being fired by the cheeky little androids, too. You’ll also need a keen eye, as you have to be extremely accurate with your shots. Ok Robot Renegade, it’s time to lock and load! Good luck.

How to Play: Use both your computer mouse and keyboard to control your Hoverbot. Your Hoverbot moves fluidly around the game arena, and can quickly move in any direction. To control its movements, use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys, and use your mouse to activate your weapons. Your aiming target follows the movement of your cursor. Left Click once to fire a normal missile, twice to drop a bomb. While a missile destroys the enemy that it hits, a bomb destroys all of the bad guys in the arena at that time. You only have a limited number of bombs, so use them wisely.

Your objective changes depending on what level you are playing. In some levels, you have to eliminate a set number of enemies. The target number is displayed in the top left corner of the game screen. In survival levels, you simply have to avoid losing all your lives for a set amount of time. You lose a life if you impact off another robot, or get hit with one of their missiles. You can see how many lives you have remaining in the bottom left corner. At the end of each level, use the Scrap Metal collected from blasted enemies to upgrade your Hoverbot.

This HTML5 game works on PC/Mac and mobile device browsers.

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