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Plat Western Blitzkrieg Shoot-em-up Game

Rating: 7.2/10 - 3236 votes

If there’s a military-based problem to be solved – there’s only one man for the job… Please stand to attention and salute the honorable Sergeant Wilfred R. Blitz! Western Blitzkrieg (episode 1) is an all-action, military-themed, cartoon-style shoot ‘em up game where you have to guide the now legendary Sgt. Blitz on a bold and audacious solo mission through a desert battlefield filled with very unfriendly guerrilla forces! Armed with a simple pistol and a machine gun, ‘lone wolf’ Sgt. Blitz has to navigate through a series of increasingly challenging levels with no back-up, and a host of hostile opponents breathing down his neck!

This light-hearted-themed platform shooting game combines fun 2D graphics and fluid point-and-click game play. Going into each mission with ‘all guns blazing’ is not advisable here as the bad guys greatly outnumber Sgt. Blitz. Instead, a more measured, strategic approach is best practice. You have to carefully plan your movements, utilizing sharp reactions, good keyboard tapping skills and excellent concentration levels. Have you got the masterful combat prowess to notch another ‘job-well-done’ on Sgt. Blitz’s already-impressive résumé? It’s time to load up on as much ammo as you can carry!

How to Play: Your goal in each side-scrolling level is simply to get Sgt. Blitz to the Finish Line, indicated by a yellow ‘Go’ arrow. Use the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver Sgt. Blitz around the game screen; W = Jump; A & D = Move Left & Right. To use your weapon, aim using your computer mouse cursor, and Left Click to fire (a handy cross-hair target acts as your aiming guide). Toggle between your pistol and rifle by pressing Spacebar.

You can pick up Health and Ammo Power-ups along the way. Be careful not to stand on any landmines, and try to avoid being hit by enemy fire. Keep an eye on your red Health Bar along the top of the game screen. If your Health Bar decreases all the way, you lose a life (you can see how many lives you have remaining in the top left corner of the game screen).

Note: If the game is running slowly for you, press the Q Key to toggle between the quality of the graphics. Playing at a lower quality may speed up the running of the game.

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