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World War I Simulation Game - Warfare Transporter

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Transporting goods and weapons by sea was one of the most dangerous occupations during war times in the past. Are you prepared and brave enough to be thrown right into the thick of that high-pressure environment? In Warfare Transporter, you play the role of a cargo steam ship Captain during the First World War, and you must survive bombings from above and below in this high-octane, survival at sea challenge. Luckily, your ship is equipped for plenty of shooting action, and you have sufficient ammunition to help defend yourself and complete your mission. Score points by destroying the bomber planes above your ship, and the submarines below, while never forgetting that making it to the destination port is your ultimate goal.

Quick mouse-moving reactions and expert timing are essential skills in this sea battle simulation game. With enemies approaching from all angles, you need to be on top of your game in both attack (firing missiles) and defense (dodging incoming bombs and torpedoes). Can your ship survive long enough to deliver much needed supplies to your desperate allies on land? Your country needs you, the world needs you - it’s time rise to this great challenge Admiral. Good luck!

How to Play: In each of the 5 increasingly challenging levels, your goal is to safely guide your steam ship from the Starting Port to the Finishing Port. The game screen automatically scrolls from left to right, meaning that your ship is always moving along. However, you control the position of your ship; Its movements respond to the movement of your computer mouse cursor. To fire your cannonballs, Left Click above or below the ship, depending on where you want to hit. If you are trying to eliminate the submarines below, click below your boat. If you are trying to take out the bomber planes and zeppelins in the sky, click above your boat.

The Submarines and Bomber Planes try to blow your boat out of the water. Each time one of their missiles/torpedoes hits your ship, the Health Bar in the top left corner of the game screen reduces (also avoid for the falling aircraft once you knock them out of the sky!). Obviously, you have to reach the Finishing Port with some Health intact in order to progress to the next level. If your boat gets sunk, you have to start again from the beginning of the level. You can keep an eye on how far you still have to travel on your voyage via the little Ship Icon just above your Health Bar in the top left corner.

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