Fun music game for kids online free to play with no download: Pianist is an interactive typing practice game for kids (girls/ boys) to play now at home or in the classroom in elementary school & middle to high school students. Free learning to type games online, fun music activity for children with special needs..
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Fun Music & Typing Game for Kids - Pianist

Rating: 7.1/10 - 481 votes

Calling piano & guitar players and "learning to type" enthusiasts! Here's a unique opportunity to show off your virtuoso musical talents and fast-typing skills all-in-one! Pianist is a toe-tapping, fun, interactive typing game where you play along to well-known classical music pieces and pop songs through typing as fast as you can, and where you can record your own tunes with the authentic-sound of a real piano or guitar. You start off with slow, easy-to-play typing tasks, but the tempo and difficulty increases with each song as you progress.

This fun online typing simulation game should hopefully help to increase your appreciation of these wonderful musical instruments, and assist you in learning different notes and playing styles. It could also be used to exercise dexterity, hand eye co-ordination and timing, as you need fast fingers and even faster reactions to keep up with the notes as they scroll down your game screen. You may well discover the your inner Beethoven or Jimi Hendrix side, and create and record your own piano and guitar masterpieces from scratch! Show off your immense talent to your envious friends and family. Ok Musical Maestro, let the concert begin! Happy typing.

How to Play: There are two different playing modes: Play-Along Mode and Recording Mode. In Play-Along Mode, you have to successfully hit the notes of 6 well-known classical and pop tunes spanning hundreds of years. You start off playing the piano, but once you’ve completed 3 of the 6 tasks, you unlock the guitar sound. Before taking on one of the Song tasks in Play-Along Mode, we recommend becoming familiar with the piano keys on the main menu screen. Each note corresponds to a specific letter or symbol on your computer keyboard, as indicated above each piano key.

When ready for the Play-Along challenge, click on an available song along the top of the main menu screen (“Tanrantella” is the only one available at the start). Press Spacebar, and the notes (letters and symbols) fall down from the top of the game screen toward a Red Line. When a falling note reaches the Red Line, press the corresponding key on your keyboard to play (eliminate) that note. The songs are quite short but can be very tricky. To pass, you have to complete the song without losing all 5 of your lives, indicated by the Red Hearts in the top left corner. If you pass, the next song on the list is unlocked. Can you complete all 6?

In Recording mode, you can create and play your very own piano and guitar tunes (provided you have unlocked the guitar by completing 3 songs in Play-Along mode). On the Main Menu screen, click on the Record Button just above the piano. Play whatever tune you like or make up, then click the Record button again to stop. To play your musical piece back, click the ‘User Melody’ button. Amaze your friends and family by playing them your cool creations.

Notes: Click on the Guitar Icon to the right of the Main Menu screen to activate the guitar sounds once you have unlocked 3 out of the 6 songs. The guitar playing works exactly the same way for as the piano, just with a different sound!
You can also increase / decrease the tempo (timing) of the tunes by clicking on the “Slow / Fast Tempo” button in the top right corner of the Main Menu screen.

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