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Job Simulation Game Online - Frenzy Train

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Have you ever been on a train or airplane and taken a moment to marvel at the normally awesome job that the customer attendants do? Often, a team of just three or four people must accommodate the requests and needs of more than 100 passengers! How do you think you'd perform in such a role and environment? Would you rise to the occasion?

Well, Frenzy Train puts you in charge of service on a busy commuter train – so that you can test whether you have the personality, patience, flexibility for a customer-centered career! Yes, customer service can be really hard work, but it is very rewarding emotionally for all concerned when done right!

Frenzy Train is a fun, point-and-click, customer service-based tycoon game where you must reach special targets (points totals) in each level by escorting passengers to their seats, bringing them food and drinks, ushering them to the correct shopping area, and basically catering to their every need! All of these mouse-clicking tasks must be done in a prompt manner – time is ticking by, and no customer likes to be kept waiting!

This fast-paced business simulation game is a good exercise for learning the key virtues of good customer service. Sharp observation skills, smart / attentive reactions, and speedy decision making are all extremely important skill sets here. So, now is your time to shine with your broadest smile and warmest eyes! All aboard the Frenzy Train!

How to Play: In each of the 10 increasingly-challenging levels (‘days’), your job is to reach a specific points tally. If you reach, or exceed, that target before the clock in the top right corner reaches 8.00, you progress to the next level. The train has three carriages, known as ‘Cars’: Car 1 is the main seating / cart area. Car 2 is the coffee and shopping area. Car 3 is the restaurant / bathroom area.

Passengers enter the train in Car 1, and must be brought to their assigned seat (as indicated by the bubble that appears beside the passenger's head). Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and drag the passenger to their assigned seats. This action is repeated whenever you see a bubble appear beside a passenger. For example, if the icon for Car 2 appears, you must drag the passenger to the entrance to Car 2 on the left hand side of the game screen.

You can move between Cars by clicking on the relevant icons on the mini train map in the bottom right corner of the play area. Each time you complete a task for a customer, you earn points toward your score in the top right corner. Once this score is on or greater than the ‘Goal’ score, you progress to the next Day of service. However, if you delay for too long, the customer will become frustrated, and eventually leave the train. This means you cannot earn points from serving them, so try your best to care for everyone in good time! Enjoy the job simulation challenge!

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