Time management game online free play no download: Roads of Rome RPG strategy game for PC, Mac, iPad, a real-life simulation game for kids (girls/ boys) to play now online. Flash game promoting creative thinking & real-life problem solving. Virtual worlds for teens, tycoon games on the internet.
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Time Management / Strategy Game Online - Roads of Rome

Rating: 8.6/10 - 2382 votes

Roads of Rome is a fun road-building strategy game of 40 levels for kids and teens that is set in the ancient historical period of the Roman Empire. Good time management, resource management and hand-eye coordination skills are essential in this educational RPG game in order to survive in the wild Barbarian Forests, while constructing roads in a race against the clock before nightfall.

You play the role of Victorius, a brave young Roman warrior who has fallen in love with (and wants to marry) Caesar’s beautiful daughter Julia. However, Caesar isn’t happy with Victorius’s proposal, and has sent him thousands of miles away to build roads across the Barbarian lands to the North in order to expand the Roman Empire. Victorius has no choice, he must go. Now, you have to help Victorius earn Caesar’s respect in this challenging conquest by building exceptional roads, and in turn, bring more modern civilization to far these away lands. If Caesar is happy with Victorius’s work, he might give his blessing to the wedding.

Victorius (you) must use your ingenuity, survive by picking berries for food, and chopping trees for building wood. If you are successful, you can upgrade your camp and hire more workers to help out. Then build a farm to provide your food, build a sawmill to supply your wood in larger quantities and build a quarry to give enough stones and rocks for better roads. You also have specific tasks to complete in each level (for example exploring caves and collecting crystals). You must accomplish all of these tasks before night falls in order to progress to the next level.

How to Play: Use your computer mouse to Click on the “Start” icon to begin. In each of the 40 levels, you are set tasks by Caesar. These tasks appear in the top left corner of your game screen with a Red Star next to them until they are complete; As you accomplish each task, the Red Star is replaced by a Green Check Mark. Follow the step-by-step in-game guide, and use your mouse to Click on the “Green Dot” to start building your road. If the “Green Dot” turns into a “Red Dot”, this means that you don’t have sufficient resources to build the road. Click on the “Red Dot” to find out what provisions you need. If you are out of food, you can pick the juicy red berries on the trees, and if you are out of timber, you can Click on a tree to chop it down.

If you are successful, you can Click on your camp to upgrade it and hire more workers. Use your additional workers wisely in order to build a Sawmill, Farm and Quarry so that you never run out of food and building materials. Your workers help you by sharing your workload. This includes collecting the wood, stones and food, clearing the obstacles that are blocking your path, and completing the road.

Tips: If you see a pair of boots in the playing area, pick them up to increase your workers walking speed. A hungry wolf may frighten your workers from doing their jobs, so keep Clicking on the wolf repeatedly to chase it away. Go Road Builder!

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