Cool skateboarding game free to play online now with no download: Kickflip is a challenging skateboard games for kids (boys/ girls) who love free extreme sports games for PC, Mac, iPad. Cool stunt games for teens, action sports games online, awesome Games to play at home/ in high school.
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Cool Skateboarding Game - Kickflip

Rating: 8.4/10 - 1952 votes

Immerse yourself in a skateboarding challenge that is truly ‘off the hook!’ Kickflip is an awesomely addicting and extremely challenging skateboard game where you have to score points for performing outrageous tricks on a never-ending looped skate park. Become the hottest thing on small wheels as you strut your stuff through a tailor-made skating area filled with deliciously steep curves, grind-able rails, shuv-able steps, and more!

Surely one of the coolest action sports on the planet, skateboarding is by its very nature a flashy pastime where a daring flair for the spectacular can really make you stand out from the crowd. This is definitely the case with Kickflip; the wackier and more outrageous the stunts, the more points you score toward your total. Pull off awe-inspiring ‘ollies’, breathtaking ‘grinds’, fantastic flips, and incredible ‘shuv-it’ maneuvers as you battle your way through a series of tricky point-scoring levels. Time to pad up, Superstar; your board is calling!

How to Play: In each increasingly difficult level, you have a certain amount of 2-minute ‘tries’ in which to score a set number of points. You score points by performing rad skate moves in mid-air. Each level takes place in a side scrolling skate park that runs on a continuous loop (i.e. if you skate out the side wall of the park, you seamlessly enter a another area with different rails and ramps in it). At the beginning of each level, your target points level is indicated (in Level 1, this is 500 points, in Level 2 it is 1000 points, and so on).

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver your skateboard. Left and Right Arrows = Accelerate to the left or right; Up and Down Arrows = Change direction. Quick finger work is needed to perform well and achieve your points challenge. Press Spacebar to jump into the air, and then while in the air, press your keyboard "A" Key to perform flip tricks, the "S" Key to perform ‘shuv-it’ tricks, and "D" Key to perform insane grinding tricks on the steel rails. Each time you pull off a successful trick, you score points toward your total. Each time the timer runs out without you reaching the points target, you lose a run. Luckily, you carry your points total through each time you start a new 2-minute run. Good luck!

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