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Fun Animal Feeding Game Online - Hippo Feeder

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Hippo Feeder is a fun, physics-based puzzle & skill game for kids where you have to feed a bunch of very hungry hippos in each level by throwing a large watermelon into their mouths. You play the role of the zookeeper, and have to overcome obstacles and perform difficult tasks to successfully feed these huge animals in each level. Sometimes the big guys are on seemingly inaccessible ledges, other times the watermelon is blocked off by objects such as crates, rocks and dynamite. You must find the solution to these problems, and give the hippos their dinner before it’s too late!

You'll have to be extremely careful however, as these humongous hippos are absolutely ravenous. They’ll eat anything – even your little zookeeper character, so make sure you keep a good, safe distance! This colorful throwing skill game will really test your decision making, as you have to perform each task in a certain order to make sure that the hippos get their meal in some levels. Accuracy is also very important - make one wrong move and the watermelon could be lost – resulting in some extremely annoyed hippos! OK Zooming Zookeeper, it’s time to serve up some tasty grub to these creatures!

How to Play: In each of the 20 increasingly difficult levels, you must feed all of the hippos by throwing a watermelon (circular green fruit) into their mouths. In the early levels, there is just one hippo to feed, but as you progress, there are more of the big guys to satisfy. Control your little Zookeeper character using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard (alternatively, you can use your WASD Keys). Use the Left and Right Arrows to move, and the Up Arrow to jump. Hit the Down Arrow to pick up an object – usually a watermelon or a rock. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to throw the object. Use the green target to aim, and Left Click to throw. If you throw a watermelon into the hippo’s mouth, it’s happy – and falls asleep! Once all the hippos in each level are asleep, you progress to the next level.

Score extra points for completing the level quickly, as a Points Counter ticks down at the top of the game screen as the level goes on. In some levels, there are crates and other objects blocking off the watermelons, or the hippos. Use rocks to blast these objects out of the way (using the same throwing technique as previously). Be careful not to get too close to the hippos, as they are really very hungry! If you go too close to them, they’ll gobble you up too, and you have to start the level all over again. Hit the R key at any stage to restart the level. Tip: For hippos on a high ledge, you can perform a run-and-jump throw. This gives you more height and a better angle to feed highly-positioned hippos.

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