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Super Fast Skill Game for Kids - Four Second Fury

Rating: 8.8/10 - 975 votes

Are you ready for one of the fastest gaming experiences you're likely to be challenged with? Four Second Fury is a super-fast skill game that combines 20 mini-games in one awesome, finger-flying extravaganza! The unique thing about this game is that you only have four seconds to play each of the challenging mini-games. Each game is randomly loaded, and you have to try and survive as many of the games for as long as possible.

There are skill and puzzle tasks as well as quick-fire shooting levels. Needless to say, your reaction skills will have to be at their best to succeed in this addicting fun activity that will certainly test and exercise your attention span, concentration and reflexes. You’ll need nifty fingers and top-notch dexterity to survive the fast and furious action. Think you have the talents to become the Speed Gaming Master? Good, then get ready for some lightning-speed 4-second gaming!

How to Play: Each of the 20 mini-games is randomly loaded, and you have just 4 seconds to complete them. Once you click play – the action begins. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard as well as Spacebar to operate the controls in each of the games. Follow specific instructions that pop up on screen just before each mini-game starts. There are games where you have to dodge bad guys, avoid missiles, jump over obstacles, swat flies, and more!

They all come and go in just four seconds, so you’ll have to be on your toes. You have five lives in the top right corner of the game screen. If you fail in one of the mini-games, you lose a life. Try and keep playing for as long as possible without losing all of your lives. At the end of the game, you can see how many seconds you lasted. Click ‘Play Again’ to try and beat your original score.

Tip: There are only 20 mini-games, so after playing a couple of times, you start to get used to the different controls. Try and remember the levels you have played already – this will give you an advantage.

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