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Play Kick Off - Soccer Penalty Shootout Game

Rating: 7.2/10 - 428 votes

The crowd cannot watch… Your heart pounds… Just 12 yards between you and glory… "PEEEEP", the referee’s whistle blows… up you step! Soccer football's ultimate pressure showdown; the penalty shootout – is the perfect way to sort the less-skilled ball strikers from the real pros. But have you ultimately got the steely nerve to succeed at penalty kicks?

Kick Off is a challenging, point-and-click, soccer penalty game where you take on the computer in a series of tournament-style penalty shootout competitions where the first team to score 5 goals is the winner. You play the roles of penalty taker and goalkeeper for your chosen international side, so there is no escape – the buck stops with you!

This fun, high-intensity, mouse control football game requires good decision making skills, and excellent reflexes and hand-eye coordination. You pick your spot when shooting at goal, and try to guess which way the computer opponent's shot will go.

Just like a real-life penalty shootout, an ability to function under immense pressure is also important. It is often said that penalties are like a lottery – but others know that those players with the strongest nerve have the best chance of scoring! Good luck Shootout Superstar!

How to Play: Once the game loads for the first time, click on the "Play" button to instantly enter the practice area. Here, you can hone your skills before beginning the competition. When you are ready, click on the "Play" icon at the top of the game screen, and select your country from the list of 32 top international teams (including Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, USA…). There are 5 rounds to negotiate before you can be crowned World Champion.

In a shootout match, your goal is to be the first team to score five goals (Unlike in real-life shootouts where there is a set number of penalties each). You and your opponents take turns shooting at goal. When you are the penalty taker, you aim using your computer mouse cursor, and Left Click to shoot.

The longer you hold down your Click, the more powerful your shot is. When you are the goalkeeper, you must try to "catch" your opponent's shot. Left click to initiate the opponent's kick, and then instantaneously move your mouse cursor to try and stop the effort. Enjoy the immersive action!

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