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Cool Futuristic Ball Game - Crunchball 3000

Rating: 8.9/10 - 57060 votes

Crunchball 3000 is a futuristic and aggressive online ball game for teens, which can be played in 1 player or 2 player mode, where you control a team of players in the fastest and most popular sport in the world - Crunchball (a tough mix between handball, American football and ice hockey.) It’s the end of the 29th century, and all sports have been banned – apart from Crunchball, a high-octane, goal-scoring sport. Your objective is to score as many goals as possible while stopping your opponent from scoring. However, instead of kicking the ball to your teammates and into the goal, you have to throw it.

Crunchball is a very physical game, you have to charge into opponents to get the ball back – there are no fouls. You can play against the computer in Career Mode or against a friend in 2 Player Mode. This unique, fast-paced skill game will really test your quick reactions. It will also exercise your strategic planning and game management abilities, as you have to choose the various tactics and formations that your team uses. Ready to play the furious and futuristic sport that is about to take the world by storm? Put on your helmet, it’s Crunch Time!

How to Play: There are 3 different Modes of gameplay – Career Mode, Single Match and 2 Player. In Career Mode, you have to take a team from the 4th Division of the Crunchball league and try to get them all the way to the top by playing matches against the computer. In Single Match Mode, there are no leagues, just a one-off match against the computer. In 2 Player Mode, you play a match against a friend.

Before you start playing, you have to customize your team. You can pick their name, kit color and preferred formation. Each match lasts 90 seconds, and the aim is to score more goals than your opponent by throwing the ball into the opposition’s goal. Control your players using your computer keyboard. When playing against the computer, use the WASD Keys to move your players around the field. When you have possession of the ball, hit G to throw it in the direction you are facing. Hit H to pass it to the nearest colleague and J to change formation. When the opposition has possession, hit G and H to tackle them and get the ball back.

In 2 Player Mode, the second player uses the Arrow Keys to move his players, and numbers 1, 2 and 3 in place of G, H and J. In Career Mode, at the end of each match, you can use virtual income to purchase upgrades like better equipment and training procedures. You can also choose to bribe your opponents, but if you get caught – you forfeit the match. Tip: You don’t necessarily have to throw the ball into the net to score a goal. You can simply run into the goal with the player who has the ball to score (kind of like a touchdown).

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