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Free Online Darts Game - 501 Darts Challenge

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Bullseye! 501 Darts Challenge is a fun online sports game based on the traditional dart throwing game where you have to try to score points by hitting a circular dartboard that is fixed to a wall. In this online game, you have to get your score all the way down from 501 to zero by scoring as high as you can with the fewest number of darts. Unlike most point-scoring games, in darts, you have to decrease your score rather than increase it. Try to hit as many triples, doubles and bullseyes as you can to rapidly decrease your score, and bring it closer to zero with each throw.

Practice your virtual dart-throwing skills, and pretty soon, you could be nailing that triple 20 as often as you like! Accuracy is the key – so you’ll need a keen eye and a steady hand to succeed. The legends of the dart playing world (Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld spring to mind) can get from 501 to zero in just 9 dart throws! Think you can match that? It’s time to step up to the oche (throwing line) and shoot some triples!

How to Play: On a dartboard, there are different scoring segments, numbered around the outside of the board from 1 to 20. The outer ring of smaller segments scores double that number – while the inner ring scores triple. The controls are straight-forward. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to launch each dart. In one smooth motion, Left Click and hold – drag your mouse up or down depending on where you want to aim – and release. The dart will follow the path of your mouse’s movement until you release the click.

You have to get your score down from 501 to zero, so keep throwing darts at the board to score points and reduce your score (indicated in the bottom right corner of the game screen). When you have 60 or less points to score, you have to ‘get out’ by hitting exactly the correct number of points remaining. For example, if your score is 30, you can hit triple 10, or double 15, to complete the game. Or, if your score is 6, you have to hit 6, double 3, or triple 2 to ‘get out’. In the top right hand corner, you can see how many throws you have made in the current game. In the top left corner, your best score is shown. Try to better your score each time. Good luck!

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