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Free Table Tennis Game Online - Legend of Ping Pong

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Legend of Ping-Pong is a very challenging online table tennis game where you take on the computer in a fast-paced version of this classic indoor Olympic sport. Compete against opponents from five different countries in an epic table tennis tournament, designed to sort the pros from the amateurs! A great prophecy has told of a young challenger who would one day take over the sport of Ping Pong, and become the Ultimate World Champion. The question is – are you that Ping-Pong prodigy, destined for greatness? Well, it’s time to pick up your paddle, and show them who is the true master of the art!

This all-action indoor sport activity is a good match for fans of table tennis, lawn tennis, or any high-octane racket sport. Your quick reactions will be thoroughly tested, as you have to move your Ping-Pong paddle around the screen at lightning speed. Accuracy and timing are also extremely important, as your hard-hitting computer opponents are very tough to beat. Hand-eye coordination abilities are also vital for a successful run at the title. Keep your eye on the ball at all times - and take the first step toward becoming the awe-inspiring Legend of Ping-Pong. Good luck out there on the floor!

How to Play: At the beginning of the game, there is a long scrolling Prologue text which introduces the origins of the mysterious prophecy of the Legend of Ping Pong. While the English language in this Prologue is poor, the message is clear, and it does not take away from the gameplay. To skip over the Prologue text, simply click on the ‘Skip’ button in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Once you are on the Opponent Selection screen, click on the flag of the country you wish to take on. You can choose to play against a player from France, Sweden, Korea or Japan (the existing champion Chinese player is your ultra-tough challenger if you reach the final, only unlocked when you defeat the other 4 players).

A game of Ping-Pong is up to 11 points. There are three different ways to score a point: 1) Hit the ball off the table and past your opponent’s paddle (racket); 2) Force your opponent to miss the table with the ball; or 3) Force your opponent to hit the ball into the net. Control your Ping-Pong paddle using your computer mouse or touchpad. The paddle mimics (follows) the movement of your cursor. The direction that your paddle is pointing (when the ball hits it) is the key to where the ball goes. If you are ‘serving’ (hitting first), Left Click to start the rally. The turn to Serve changes after every 5 points scored. Note that just hitting the ball straight at your opponent’s paddle is unlikely to score any points. Try to add cool spin and direction using a sweeping movement of the paddle. Quick directional changes like this make it much more difficult for your opponent to return the ball successfully.

Note: Although a normal game is up to 11 points, it has to be won by two clear points. So, if the game is tied at 10 – 10, someone will have to win 12 – 10, or 13 – 11, etc. The scoreboard is located along the bottom of the game screen. Your score is beside the icon on the left, and your opponent’s score is beside their respective flag.

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