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Show Jumping / Horse Riding Game - Jumporama

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It’s no secret that showjumping is one of the most graceful and elegant sports in the world. The relationship between horse and rider is extremely important – they must be on the same wavelength for each stride, gallop and jump to avoid error or injury. Have you got the equestrian skills to succeed as a champion in the field of showjumping, and to complete the circuit without any faults? Jumporama is a challenging horse-riding adventure game for kids where you have to perform in a series of showjumping challenges aboard your horse. You play the role of the rider, and must control the speed and jump-timing of your horse as you try to negotiate a tricky field of hurdles and jumps in each level.

Your horse is a powerful animal, and is capable of super-high jumps. But you also have to control its speed, as galloping too quickly can hamper its ability to perform jumps one after the other. Timing is extremely important in this fun equestrian activity – you have to carefully choose the correct moment to jump, otherwise the horse-rider (you!) may very well end up in the mud! See how far you can progress through these Olympic-standard courses. Can you go all the way to the top of your sport, and become the Ultimate Showjumping Champion? It’s time to enter the show jumping ring. Listen out for the simple advice from your old-school French riding instructor!

How to Play: In each level, you must guide horse and rider to the Finish by successfully jumping over every hurdle. The horse trots automatically. To increase and decrease its speed, use the Left and Right Arrows on your computer keyboard. To jump, press Spacebar. You must time each jump perfectly to make sure you get over (clear) it. In the bottom right corner of the game screen, you can see a mini map of the course. Glance at this to help prepare yourself of the upcoming jumps. Some hurdles are higher than others, so your horse has to be moving at a higher speed to clear them. For hurdles that are closer together, your horse must be moving slower to give him time to jump them in quick succession.

If you fail to clear a hurdle, your rider falls off, and you lose a life. You can see how many lives you have remaining along the bottom of the game screen, where the Horse Icons are highlighted depending on how many lives are left. A timer also shows how long you have taken in each level. Complete the level in as fast a time as possible to core bonus points. You also score extra points for successfully clearing a number of jumps in a row. Your speed is indicated in the bottom left corner – if you are going slow, the Tortoise Icon is highlighted. If you are galloping fast, the Hare Icon is highlighted. Good luck!

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