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Crazy Pool 2 - Online pool game

Rating: 8.6/10 - 289 votes

Online Crazy Pool 2 Game is a modern version of a well-known pool game. Your aim is to collide two or more balls of the same color to make them disappear from the board. Each level has a new element added, and the rules are explained before the level starts. The white ball should be used to start the game on each level. Since the game has a time limit, quick action and reaction is required. Your remaining time, shots taken, level, and level score are displayed at the bottom of the game screen.

How to play: Hold your left mouse button down until the desired power and angle is determined. Let go of the left button to take the shot. Your first shot must be with the white ball, after which you can move any ball.

There are various elements added on each of the levels:

  • Collect the tiny colorful dots for more points by colliding with them. When a bigger ball and a dot of the same color collide, you get more bonus points than if a ball of a different color collides with it. You will also need to clear these to complete a table.
  • The 'spinning circles' are there to help you change the color of the ball to your desired color so you can clear the table. So if you want a green ball to change color and become a red ball, collide the green ball with the red color changer and voila! Sometimes you will have to change the color of balls in order to clear the table.
  • When a ball collides with a bouncer (yellow circle), the ball gets tossed further away. When a ball collides with a dummy (grey circle), the ball slows down or stops.
  • When a ball hovers close to the magnet (red circle with a plus), it pulls the ball to it. When a ball gets close to an anti-magnetic object (blue circle with a minus), it is repelled away from it. Both objects can be of great help or a great obstacle to you depending on the table you are on.
  • When a ball collides with a bomb, it explodes and scatters the balls around it.
  • You need to hit a frozen ball to release the ball inside.
  • Fans will blow the balls away. This may help or hinder you to finish levels.
  • Teleports (red and color changing balls connected together) take balls to other teleports. You will need to pay attention to the sequence the balls are teleported on some levels.

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