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Running & Jumping Stickman Game - Jump It 2: Dockyard Run

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Jump It 2: Dockyard Run is a simple yet tricky running and jumping-based Stickman platform arcade game. Here, you play the role of an acrobatic dockyard worker on the run from an unknown entity, and you have to carefully leap from ledge to ledge in a high-speed dash to survive. The longer you survive this suspense-filled sprint, the more points you score. This surprisingly-challenging skill-based game is reminiscent of classic titles such as Canabalt and Temple Run. Timing is everything here as you try to judge your leaps between steel beams and dockyard structures of varying heights and widths. While you only have to press one-button throughout the game – your concentration levels have to be sky high at all times. One tiny mistake - and your athletic stickman character is yesterday's news!

How to Play: There is no way of winning the game in the classic sense - you simply have to avoid falling into the abyss below for as long as possible. Once the game loads, press Spacebar on your computer keyboard. Your stickman character immediately starts running so be ready to begin jumping as soon as you initiate the action. The stickman automatically runs from left to right on the side scrolling screen. Set in a dockland / harbor-style environment, you have to leap from ledge to ledge by pressing Spacebar, or the X Key. Good key control and quick reactions are important here.

The buildings / ledges are spaced out along the side scrolling play zone while some buildings are higher or lower than others. There is no ‘big jump’ or ‘small jump’ – each time your character leaps into the air, he travels the same distance as the previous jump. Your aim is to time your jumps so that he lands safely on the next ledge. The farther you travel, the higher your score (displayed in the top left corner). The game continues until your character misses a ledge, and falls into the abyss below. Once this happens, your final score is displayed, and you get the opportunity to start over again by pressing Spacebar.

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