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1 & 2 Player Turn-Based Strategy Game - Staking Claims

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Staking Claims is a fun and addicting, 1 and 2 player visual puzzle and turn-based strategy game for kids and teens which follows the classic ‘join-the-dots or Boxes game’-style concept. In Staking Claims, you claim ownership of a square grid by creating (drawing) the final wall in a box area. Staking Claims features a cool wild west / gold rush theme where you score extra points for completing boxes with gold bars in them. Play versus a cunning computer opponent (1 Player mode) or play against a friend, classmate or family member (2 Player mode).

Reasons to play this interactive, turn-based, brain teaser game: This is a clever and creative re-imagination of ‘Dots’ – the fun doodling game famously played on copybooks for generations across the world. Staking Claims offers a good exercise and test of your focus, observation skills, analytical thinking, creative engineering and strategy skills, and more.

Strategy to win: Unlike many puzzle games, this is actually a very tactical one-on-one battle of wits often shaped around what your opponent will do – and whether you can force him/her into a mistake. There is no time limit to rush you along, so try to be patient in creating your lines. Focus hard on the playing field. Play with the ‘bigger picture’ in mind; you may have to sustain the loss of one or two boxes if it means larger gains later in the game.

How to Play: A Flash-based, 1 & 2-player, ‘join the dots’ puzzle game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Your goal is to score more total points than your opponent when all boxes on the grid have been completed (aka ‘claimed’). Your total score is the number of boxes you ‘claim’ - added to the total number of gold bars you collect. In 1 Player mode, you play versus the computer in 4 difficulty levels: Greenhorn, Cowboy, Gunslinger and Loco. In 2 Player mode, you take on someone playing on the same computer.

To add a wall, click and drag between two dots, and release the click to snap your newly-created wall into place. If you add the fourth wall to a box, you score one point, and that box is filled with your color (You play as Red in 1 Player mode). Bear in mind that some boxes may already have pre-existing walls such as rock faces and outer barriers. If you claim a box that has gold in it, you add more points to your score at the top of the play area.

You and your opponent take turns to add lines / walls to the grid. However, each time you successfully create and claim a box, you get to ‘go again’ and add another line to the grid. This means that it is possible to score lots of boxes in succession, especially later in the game. Enjoy the visual challenge!

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