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Cool Strategy Shooting Game - The Next Floor

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Play a cool tower defense game with a unique new twist: The Next Floor is an addicting strategy shooting game where you have to defend an elevator shaft against wave after wave of nibbling, blob-like bad guys (creeps) by strategically setting up gun, laser and rocket turret defenses. You are stuck in a building that is under siege by a whole host of attacking creeps who are intent on destroying your elevator shaft so you have no way of escaping – and it’s your job to stop them.

Use virtual money earned, by blasting these pests, to purchase turret guns to defend the shaft from attack from all different floors of the building. This quirky tower defense-style game will really test your decision making under pressure, as there are so many approaching bad guys to contend with. As well as shooting with your own gun, you have to strategically place other guns in the elevators. This action packed survival game will really exercise your battle strategy planning and reaction skills as you try to contend with so many attackers on so many levels. Ready to protect us oh Master Defender? Good, it’s time for action!

How to Play: In each level, you must survive the ‘Day’ by eliminating all of the nibbling attackers before they advance and destroy your elevator shaft. There are two ways to send them packing – either shoot them yourself, or set up gun, laser and rocket turrets in the elevators. To shoot them yourself, aim with your computer mouse, and Left Click to fire. Move using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Set up your turret guns on the menu screen at the end of each level.

Use virtual money earned (by blasting the enemy) to purchase guns. These guns can be placed in the elevators, and automatically shoot oncoming bad guys. You can purchase more elevators to house more guns, as only 3 guns fit in each elevator. As more elevators are introduced, there are more floors that the creeps can attack from. Left Click and drag the elevators from floor to floor to travel up and down the building. As the creeps nibble on the elevator shaft, its health bar decreases. If the health bar at the top of the game screen disappears, it’s game over.

Tip: If the creeps are overrunning one floor, move your character into the elevator, and go to that floor. The combination of your gun and the turret guns should relieve the pressure.

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