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Free Strategy Defense Game - Defend Tribe

Rating: 8.6/10 - 1018 votes

Defend Tribe is a fun strategy game for kids where you have to use various weapons and characters to defend your tribe from being over run by approaching monsters. This fast and furious and colorful little action game requires high-speed mouse clicking abilities and super-sharp shooting skills! These nasty monsters are relentless in their pursuit – they stop at nothing! Only you can save your beloved tribe from this full-on invasion. It’s scary monster mayhem! Get clicking and destroy these fiendish beasts!

There are three characters you can chose from to get the job done – a Gladiator, an Archer and a Magician. Overall, there are 18 weapons you can use to attack or shoot at the monsters and defend your tribe from being overrun. If you can successfully eliminate enough of these nasty creatures, you get to upgrade your power, life and playing speed. These new weapons and upgrades only become available as game goes on. Each time a monster reaches the tribe, you lose a life. Once your lives reach zero, it’s game over and a victory to the monsters!

For the Archer character, you need to blast the monsters as many times as you can. The same with the Gladiator – hit them as many times as possible, before they reach your tribe. You can see the numbers below them decrease with every hit. Once this number reaches zero – they finally die! With the Magician, however, you can click once on the monster, hold down the left mouse button and follow the monster with your mouse until his health gets to zero. OK, time for action! Watch out - the monsters are coming!

How To Play: Use your computer mouse to click on the character of your choice. In the game, you can use the mouse to aim at the monsters and left click on it to attack. You can see your score and character in the bottom left corner of the game screen and your remaining lives (heart icon) in the top right corner of the game screen.

Tips: If you are the Archer; aim for the ground to set off special arrow attacks. If you are the Gladiator; only attack when you have the red target circle around the monster. If you are the Magician; aim for the ground to set off zones of spells. Good luck!

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