Play top free tower defense games, strategy war games online, no download: Flash gun turret game for teens/ older kids to play now - Aqua Turret is an awesome & hard tower defense-style sea battle game for PC, Mac, iPad, tablet. Cool gun turret games, point and click strategy games, mouse only games..
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Aqua Turret Gun Defense / Strategy Game

Rating: 7.8/10 - 474 votes

Aqua Turret is an action-packed, aiming and accuracy-based, shooting and survival game! You control a large, rotating turret gun in the center of the ocean, and must fend off wave after wave of attacks from enemy ships. You may occasionally call on help from your air force buddies, but for the most part, you are on your own in a high-pressure battle for survival in the open sea!

Reasons to play this challenging turret gun defense game: Exercise your fast reactions, observation skills, battle readiness and endurance as you quickly swivel your turret gun around - eliminating as many enemy ships as possible.

Strategy to win: As captain of a vessel under constant attack, you need to keep a cool head at all times. Utilize good strategy and your desire to win with quick-fire missile fire and well placed torpedo launches as you tactfully attempt to keep the increasingly-large fleet of opponents at bay! Calmly choose your moments to attack enemy ships with accurate bursts of artillery fire. Good keyboard and mouse control is essential if you want to survive deep into this challenge!

How to Play: A Flash-based shooting, turret defense game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each increasingly-difficult level, your goal is simply to survive by eliminating all of the enemy ships that approach from all angles.

Your turret gun base is rooted to the center of the battle zone. Aim using your computer mouse / touchpad cursor. Left Click to fire your normal missiles, and press Spacebar on your keyboard to launch a larger bomb. The longer you hold down Spacebar (for power), the further the bomb travels.

Each time you eliminate an enemy ship, you earn virtual income. In between levels, you can use this virtual money earned to purchase weapon upgrades, defensive upgrades, replenish your turret's Health Bar, and more. You can also purchase ‘Specials’ – these are special additional moves that include: Air Assault, Protective Shield, Disable Enemies, and Restore Turret Health.

If / when you have purchased a ‘Special’, you can activate it during a level by pressing the number keys: 1 = activate air assault; 2 = 20 seconds of protective shield; 3 = disable enemy ships; 4 = your Health Bar is restored to maximum.

Keep a sharp eye on the blue HP / Health Bar directly underneath your turret gun. If this falls empty, you must Replay the level. Good luck and smart defense!

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