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Medieval Castle Defense Strategy Game - Bowmaster Prelude

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Bowmaster Prelude is an epic tower defense-style arrow shooting and strategy game set in medieval times where you have to defend your castle against wave after wave of enemy troops while also attacking your opponent’s base. Control numerous different elements of your army, including taking charge of a gigantic and magical Bow and Arrow. Command battalions of rebellious peasants against the seemingly unstoppable dark forces in this awesome, all-action RPG battle adventure that will truly keep you on the edge of your seat.

Get ready to test and exercise your quick reaction skills, as there are literally hundreds of medieval-style, armor-clad enemies that you have to repel. Your strategic planning abilities are tested under great pressure as you have to build up a strong defensive line while also attacking with brute force. Have you got the military know-how and shooting accuracy to conquer the enemy base and capture their precious flag? It’s time to find out what you’re made of – see you on the battlefield General Bowmaster!

How to Play: To reach the start of the game, first click the "Play Game" button, and then see the left side menu of the next page - where you need to click on the top button "Start Game" button. You then are given the background story to set the scene of the great war ahead.

In each increasingly difficult battle, your goal is to eliminate all of your opponent’s troops, or capture the enemy flag that is situated outside of their castle. Your castle and flag are situated to the left of the game screen, the enemy attacks from the right. In early levels, your only attacking and defensive option is the massive Bow and Arrow located on the top of your castle. Fire arrows down upon the marching enemy troops using your computer mouse or touchpad. Left Click and drag the Bow to the left to increase the power of your shot, and release the click to fire an Arrow.

Keep firing at the enemy troops as they march toward your castle, earning Gold for each one you hit. If you defeat all of their troops, you progress to the next level. Between levels, you can purchase upgrades using your hard-earned Gold. These upgrades include more powerful and explosive Arrows, Ground Troops, Horses, and Trebuchets (rock launchers). In battle, you can toggle between these attacking options by clicking on their icons along the bottom of the game screen.

Another way to emerge victorious in a battle is to capture the enemy flag. Your ground troops automatically march toward the enemy castle, and attempt to carry the flag back to your castle. If they manage to transport it all the way back under protection from your Arrows, you win the battle (this is extremely difficult to achieve). Likewise, if your enemy brings your flag all the way back to their castle, you lose the battle. Tip: Your own troops are not immune to friendly fire (the arrows coming from your castle). Try to avoid firing arrows into areas where your own troops are marching.

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