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Play Tower Defense Game Online - iRobot

Rating: 8.3/10 - 502 votes

iRobot is a challenging online tower defense strategy game where you have to protect your home from an onslaught of futuristic little robots. The year is 3012, and robots have invaded the world. You play the role of "i" – a representative of good side of the new robot Earth - who fled to the countryside to avoid the nasty robot overlords. However, these nasty little machines have found your hiding spot, and are marching up your pathway – intent on destruction. Your goal is to stop them in their tracks by strategically positioning different anti-robot weapons along the path.

Strategic planning is the key to success here. You must carefully position your weapons in locations that cause the most damage to the oncoming waves of robots. For each robot that you eliminate, you earn virtual credits that can be used to purchase bigger and better defensive weapons and blockades. Your quick reactions also come into play, as you have to plant defensive turret-style weapons quickly and smartly to stop the seemingly endless wave of machines. It’s time to end this Robot War for once and for all! Good luck Master Defender.

How to Play: In each level, your goal is to successfully defend your home (the large dome-shaped building at the end of the path) from the waves of marching enemy robots. To do this, you must plant weapons such as Turret Guns along the pathway. These weapons can be along the sides, or on the pathway itself. There is a row of weapon icons along the bottom of the game screen. If any of these icons are black in color, then you have sufficient credits to purchase one. In early levels, this is usually just a basic Turret Gun, but fancier weapons become available as you progress.

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the weapon icon, then click on the area along the path where you want to position it. Once any enemy robots reach the blast radius, your weapon fires automatically. For each successful hit and elimination of enemy robots, you earn virtual credits (a kind of robotic currency called iR). Your iR total is indicated in the top right corner of the game screen (up to a maximum of 400). Once any of the weapons are within your price range, their icon turns from red to black, and they are available for selection. So, the more enemies you eliminate, the more weapons you can afford to purchase. Tip: For a tougher challenge, you can unlock more difficult Game Modes that can be accessed before the start of each level. These include 60 More Robots, Swarm Mode, and Blind Mode.

Note: You can speed up and slow down the speed of the gameplay using the Scrubber at the top of the game screen. This works just like the Volume / Play button on an MP3 player. Drag it to the left to slow the game down, and drag it to the right to speed it up.

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