Play free online tower defense games, space action games, real-time strategy games, no download: VR Defender Y3K game, an awesome, fun strategy tower defense arcade game for older kids (boys & girls), teens, high school student age to play now online. Cool, new space battle games, strategy flash games.
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Space Tower Defense / Strategy Game - VR Defender Y3K

Rating: 8.4/10 - 295 votes

Play a very challenging, high-intensity, futuristic tower defense game for older kids / teens where you are in charge of defending your server from waves of attacking viruses (geometric shapes). VR Defender Y3K is an innovative, interactive, space-age battle strategy game with cool retro-style graphics where you must defend a super computer's firewall from constant attack by enemy viruses. As Chief Network Security Engineer, you must methodically place virtual turret guns along the network path in order to stop the waves of viruses before they penetrate your firewall.

Background info: The year is 3000, and a hi-tech software company has employed you to defeat the hundreds of viruses that plan to attack their server. However, due to sudden budget cuts, you must raise your own virtual income for further weapons by collecting bounties from each virus that you eliminate.

Reasons to play this cool, strategy-based survival game: Exercise your strategic decision-making skills and tactical battle skills as you carefully and meticulously build turrets in defensively-advantageous positions along the pathway. Experienced fans of tower defense games should enjoy the challenging, fast-paced action here.

Strategy to win: A cool head is important here, as is the leadership skill to see the ‘bigger picture’. Measured, clinical placing of turrets is the best strategy. It's all well and good to have turret guns placed where the enemy first appears but what if they break through your initial defenses? So choose your defense placements wisely!

How to Play: A Flash-based, tower defense strategy game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). After you click ‘Start Game’ on the Main Menu screen, there are 4 map difficulty levels to choose from: Easy, Hard, Really Hard, and Impossible. For beginner and first-time players, we recommend you start off with the ‘Easy’ map difficulty.

Your ultimate goal is to survive the constant waves of enemy viruses (These viruses are groups of small geometric shapes that make their way up the network path in waves every 20 seconds). To build a turret gun, Left Click on the turret from the options in the bottom right hand corner of the play area, and then click on the area along the pathway you wish to defend. When a virus comes within the range of your turret, your turret automatically fires missiles at it.

Each time you eliminate an enemy virus, you earn virtual income that can be used to purchase more turrets and upgrades. Keep an eye on your total in the top right corner of the play area. However, if a virus makes its way through to the firewall on the right hand side of the game screen, you lose 1 life. You begin the game with 100 lives as indicated next to the blue + sign at the top of the play area. Once this number reaches 0, it's game over! Enjoy the crazy action!

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