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Ready.... Quack! Set.... Quack! GO.... Quack! Duck Life 3 is a fun upgrade, strategy and skill-based racing game where your challenging goal is to coach a cute little duckling into a masterful, multi-talented athlete! In this entertaining and wildly-eccentric sequel in the fun Duck Life series, you must slowly increase your duck’s running, climbing, swimming, and flying skills through good performances in 4 different mini-games that act as rigorous training sessions (while testing your own quick reactions with deft keyboard tapping). Once your determined ducky is ready to take on the big boys, you can enter him in increasingly-testing competitive tournament races.

Just as in real-life fitness and athletics training, you cannot expect instant results. You cannot actually control your little prodigy during competitive action, and this puts even more emphasis on quality training! Really hard work, absolute dogged determination, excellent strategy, and quality preparation are the key ingredients here to unlocking your humble duck’s potential. Finally, your dexterous keyboard tapping skills and quick reflexes are tested to the max during the 4 taxing mini-games. OK, let’s get coaching, and good luck!

How to Play: Your ultimate goal is to transform a cute yellow duck from a beginner athlete with low attribute levels into a top class runner, swimmer, climber, and flyer. Once your duck’s skills are at the top end of the scale, you can enter into competitive races. In order to increase your duck’s attribute levels, click on the ‘Train’ option on the main dashboard screen. From here, you can choose to play one of the four mini-games: Running, Flying, Swimming, or Climbing. Surviving for as long as possible in each side-scrolling mini-game increases the EXP points / level-ups of that particular attribute.

In ‘Running Training’, your duck jumps over oncoming round objects as they approach from the right hand side of the game screen (To jump, press the Up Arrow on your computer keyboard). In ‘Climbing Training’, your duck automatically climbs up a steep cliff face, and then must leap from one side to the other to avoid jutting ledges and other obstacles (Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to leap from one side of the cliff to the other). In ‘Swimming Training’, your duck paddles along automatically but you must avoid any obstacles by diving under them (Down Arrow), and jumping over them (Up Arrow). In ‘Flying Training’, your duckling is launched through the air, and must remain airborne for as long as possible using the Up and Down Arrow Keys.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose a special type of duck that is already proficient (Level 50) in one of the 4 disciplines. This gives you an opportunity to focus on the other 3 skills in training. Once your duck is at a good overall level, you can enter him into Race Mode (Unfortunately, you cannot control your duck’s movements). Use coins gained from good race performances in order to purchase ‘Seed’ on the main dashboard screen. This Seed increases your duckling’s Energy Level, which means it can last longer in races. Enjoy the road to success!

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