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Online Snow Plow Truck Game - Snow Storm

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The chills of winter have swooped down on an unsuspecting group of drivers, and the village car park needs a heroic problem-solving snow-plow truck driver to bail them out of a big snowy jam! Snow Storm is a challenging online maze-like puzzle game where you have to use a snowplow to clear specific percentages of snow" from a snow covered car park. With various restrictions on the amount of snow you can displace in any particular direction, this becomes a difficult battle of wits where you have to plan a specific and strategic route through the snow.

This interesting and unusual brain teaser should be a good fit for players who enjoys a good maze-based puzzle, and fans of problem-solving activities with a fun twist. Although you are behind the wheel of a powerful ‘Mr. Plow’ snow truck, your sharp decision making skills are much more important than the actual driving of the truck. Strategic planning and the ability to think one step ahead are both valuable attributes to have in your locker here. Brrrrrr! It’s really cold out there – let’s see if you can warm things up with some hot puzzle solving brain-power!

How to Play: In each of the 5 increasingly challenging levels, your goal is to reach a specified percentage of ‘ploughed snow’, i.e. snow that has been piled up and removed from the parking lot. This specified percentage is indicated in the top left corner of each level (Level 1 = 60%; Level 2 = 70%; Level 3 = 75%; Levels 4 & 5 = 80%). The parking lot is laid out like a grid, and the catch is that you can only pile up a maximum of 4 ‘squares’ of snow together. Once you have a pile of 4 ‘squares’, you cannot push more snow into this pile, although you can still push a ‘4-square’ pile around the grid – provided it has space to be pushed into.

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your snow plow. Each time you reveal a piece of the parking lot’s concrete, a small percentage is added to your score in the top right corner. Once you reach the target percentage, click on the coffee cup at the top of the game screen to progress to the next level. The trick is to try and push large piles of snow to the outer perimeter of the parking lot. This gives you more room to maneuver, and more space to push piles around. If you get stuck, and run out of available snow to be ploughed, click the ‘?’ Icon at the top of the game screen to restart the level. Good luck out there!

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