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Would you like to run your own company one day, and would like to get in some early practice at playing the role of entrepreneur? Well, Youda Marina is an amazingly-detailed and surprisingly-challenging construction and money management game where you take over the creation and organization of your very own luxurious seaside harbor! Your business model is relatively simple; build docks, lighthouses, radio towers, and on-shore attractions to attract passing boats, then charge them a fee to use your facilities, and send them on their way! Be creative with your construction and design in order to entice everyday sailors, huge yachts and lavish cruise liners to your port!

This good fun, educational and highly interactive tycoon simulation game requires shrewd business acumen, good money management strategy, and sensible decision making skills if you want to see your marina become an unrivaled success and paradise destination. Your multi-tasking ability and masterful mouse-clicking prowess are put to the test as you rush around the game screen communicating with boats, constructing new facilities, and upgrading old amenities - all at the same time! Now, have you got the organizational expertise to turn your marina into a ‘must-visit’ tourist resort on the ocean front? Or is your seaside marina business enterprise doomed to sink to the bottom of the depths? Good luck with your entrepreneurial venture, and happy profit making!

How to Play: There are two different game modes to choose from; Campaign Mode, and Relaxed Mode. In Campaign Mode, you have to slowly build your marina business up from scratch, hitting specific targets and achievements along the way. In Relaxed Mode, you can play without all the pressure, and simply do everything your own way. However, you can only unlock Relaxed Mode after reaching ‘Manager’ level on Campaign Mode (some might argue just like in real-life!). There are 4 different marina areas to choose from; Shore, Island, Bay, and Lagoon (at the beginning of the game, only the Shore is unlocked).

Use your computer mouse or touchpad to perform all of the controls. A helpful Sea Captain talks you through the basic commands of building, and then you’re out on your own. First, you must build a radio station tower so that boats can communicate with your marina. Click on the ‘Shore Facilities’ tab in the bottom left corner of the game screen, click on the Radio Station icon, and then click on the area on shore where you want the station to be built. After that, click on the ‘Utilities’ tab, and repeat the process to build a lighthouse.

Now, your marina is ready to accept boats. Docks for passing boats to stop and stay are your marina’s most important feature. To build a dock, click on the ‘Infrastructure’ tab, and build a wooden pier by clicking and dragging out from the shore. Then, choose your ‘dock size’ by clicking the + and – buttons, and finally by clicking ‘apply’. You can then attach your created dock to the wooden pier. When a boat is interested in docking, a yellow radio icon appears on the left of the game screen. Click on this icon, then click on the boat to see if you have what it needs. If you have everything the boat needs, a ‘100% dock chance’ green check mark appears. Click on this check mark to accept the boat. As you progress through the game, larger boats want to stay at your marina – so larger docks need to be built.

Each boat pays a premium to dock at your marina. Keep an eye on your virtual income total in the top left corner of the game screen. You need these funds to purchase new buildings, docks, radio stations etc. Occasionally, your buildings need to be repaired or upgraded to keep up with business. It is also wise to build attractions on shore for visitors to spend more money while at your marina. Click on the ‘Shore Attractions’ tab, and build things such as bars, restaurants, hotels etc. These utilities can earn plenty of funds depending on the number of visitors to your marina. In Campaign Mode, each time you reach an achievement target, you earn stars toward your overall reputation level. The higher your reputation, the more boats that are attracted to your marina.

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