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Coffee House Business Simulation Game - Coffee Tycoon

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If you aspire to one day run your own business and even become a successful tycoon, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee! You don't want to miss this opportunity! Coffee Tycoon is a fun, interactive coffee house management simulation game for older kids and high school students where you have to use all of your entrepreneurial talent to run a successful chain of coffee stores. Buy and sell specialized coffee-related products, manage your employees, and gradually grow your business from a single boutique coffee shop to a worldwide powerhouse of a company (maybe you could one day compete with one of the most famous coffee franchises of them all!).

This in-depth and intense game of good organization and business administration is an extremely challenging test of your patience, decision making skills, savvy business acumen, and masterful managerial qualities. You have to make shrewd yet quick decisions to keep your customers happy amid a whirlwind of different coffee menus, franchise options, and commercial opportunities. Fast mouse-clicking abilities and clever multitasking skills are very important as you try to balance numerous stores, fluctuating profits, and an ever-changing marketplace. Have you got what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Or is coffee franchise management just not your cup of tea? It is time to practice and find out. Happy business management!

How to Play: Your ultimate goal is to slowly increase the size and scope of your coffee business by making solid commercial decisions. Use your computer mouse or touchpad for all of the controls in this game. A helpful tutorial explains most of the controls at the beginning of the game. We recommend that you pay close attention to this in order to get to grips with the various operations.

There are 4 management tabs along the top of the game screen. The ‘Employees’ tab gives you a general overview of the three different types of employees under your care – Baristas, Managers, and Executives. You must choose the ‘distribution percentage’ of employees. For example; you might have 60% Baristas, 20% Managers and 20% Executives. The employee levels always have to reach 100% to continue. The ‘Menu’ tab lets you purchase new types of beverage to serve in your stores. The ‘Upgrade’ tab lets you improve the equipment and viability your stores, and the ‘Customer’ tab gives you an overview of the types of customers that frequent your coffee shops.

When you are ready to trade, click on the ‘Start Day’ button in the bottom left corner of the game screen. The ‘day’ passes quickly, and you earn virtual ‘money’ based on each day’s sales. Any events such as lowered rents, customer complaints, and market trends are explained along the left side of the game screen as each day progresses. The ‘days’ only last for 10 seconds or so, giving you plenty of opportunity to chop and change your business in between. Your ‘Virtual Money’ total, your ‘Customer Base’, and the amount of stores that you own are displayed across the center of the game screen. Each time you reach a ‘Customer Base’ target, you move up a level, and more customers are attracted to your stores. Enjoy the challenge!

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