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Fashion-Business Tycoon Game - Factory Kingdom: Fashion Series

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Are you ready to mix it with the big names in the fashion business? Factory Kingdom: Fashion Series is a challenging business management and fashion tycoon simulation game where you take over the running of a fashion ‘start-up’ company. As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the new enterprise, you have to hire good employees, build office space, assign duties, manage finances, and generally become the kingpin of a (hopefully) ever-growing corporation. Your goal is to hit various financial targets by expanding your clothing empire.

This tricky and highly-interactive online tycoon activity rewards good decision making and money management, decent multi-tasking skills, and the ability to create a strong, efficient business environment. Staying small time is not an option – you have to THINK BIG as you ambitiously grow your company from a humble, small-scale start-up to a huge global brand name constantly trending on social media. Good business owners and managers can get the best from their team by balancing efficient production and employee satisfaction (for example, your workers won’t get much done for long if there’s no WC in your office building!). So, have you got the ability to make cool decisions, and the tenacity to become a ruthless fashion tycoon no matter what pressure drops upon your shoulders? There’s always a gap in the market for the next big thing – This could be your time!

How to Play: (Note: Some of the messages and instructions on the game interface are written in grammatically-poor quality English. Naturally, the fashion world is full of "global English"! However, this certainly does not take away from the general gameplay and benefits of playing.) Your goal is to reach the 45 specialized business targets that appear in the top right corner of the game screen. At the start, these are simple tasks such as hiring a researcher, tailor etc, but as you progress, the tasks become more complex. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on one of the 4 icons at the bottom of the game screen in order to run your business. What you click depends on the target indicated in the top right corner. For example, if your target is to ‘hire a janitor’; you must first purchase a janitor’s desk (Click on the ‘Desks’ icon. Once you have placed the desk in an appropriate position within your office, you can hire a janitor by clicking on the correct icon in the ‘Employee’ category).

As you progress, you need to conduct ‘Research’ in order to unlock new employees and business ventures. The more research you do, the more icons become available on the dashboard. You can hire a researcher in exactly the same way as you would hire a janitor / mechanic etc. Performing research is key if you want to expand your office, add facilities, hire new employees etc. You can research up to 3 different aspects at once, and can speed up research by hiring more researchers to your staff. Obviously, all of this hiring and expansion costs virtual money, so keep an eye on your total cash flow fund in the bottom left corner of the play zone. You can also speed up (X8) the length of each ‘game day’ by dragging the timer toggle all the way to the right. Enjoy this unique entrepreneurship challenge!

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