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Cargo Shipment Chicago is a challenging online business management simulation game where you play the role of a logistics and freight delivery tycoon. Set in 17 different suburban areas of Chicago IL, you have to build strategically-placed workstations throughout each level to ensure that passing vehicles are successfully loaded with your precious freight. Each cargo-carrying vehicle (truck, vans, cars) has to be fully-loaded before it reaches the Finish Line to ensure that your company is paid, and so that you receive no penalties.

This surprisingly-intense and interactive freight management and building activity is a stimulating test of your shrewd multi-tasking abilities, your strategic logistics planning, and your ability to make important decisions under pressure. Money management skills and canny business acumen are key attributes required as you build a different network of freight loading stations in each level. Sharp reactions are also imperative – you have to quickly respond to the changing routes of vehicles as well as the volume of freight that must be loaded. Ok Logistics Tycoon, it’s time to exhibit some solid business strategy. Good luck in your new venture!

How to Play: Note: The instructions on the game interface and from ‘Kate’ in the tutorial are written in grammatically-poor quality English language, yet the concept is very good and educational, and the instructions still provide a good basic understanding of the controls and objectives of the game. If you would like to do international trade in the future, you will have to be able to correspond and deal effectively with people who speak and write in broken English (which is absolutely fine as long as everyone understands each other). From that standpoint, playing this game makes good practice for the future.

In each of the 17 increasingly difficult levels, your goal is to build a network of loading stations, road works, fast-food outlets, and more along the routes that potential cargo-carrying vehicles take. A large amount of vehicles pass through the town from Point A (starting point) to Point B (the finish line) in each level. Your workers rush from the loading stations as the cars, vans and trucks pass by, adding your freight onto the vehicles as they go.

If a vehicle is full by the time it reaches Point B, you earn virtual credits which can be used to construct more loading stations and helpful buildings. However, if a vehicle reaches Point B without being filled, you lose a life (indicated by the red truck icon at the top of the game screen). If you run out of lives, it’s game over, and you have to replay that same level. Once all of the vehicles have passed through the level without you losing all of your lives, you progress to the next level. Vehicles choose random routes through each level, so your loading stations and other buildings must be astutely placed in areas you believe will definitely see activity in order to fulfill orders, and grow your business. As well as loading stations, you can also build road works and fast-food outlets. These additional buildings cause the drivers of the freight vehicles to slow down, giving your workers more time to fill them up.

Your helpful assistant Kate guides you through a tutorial at the start of the game which assists you to get to grips with the controls (albeit in broken English). Use your computer mouse or touchpad to build loading stations / road works etc by clicking on their icon in the top right corner of the game screen. Orange squares appear along the sides of the road – these are available spots where a unit can be built. Each unit costs a certain amount of virtual credits to construct. You then earn back some credits by successfully filling vehicles, and ensuring that they reach Point B with a full freight load. Each level has a different selection of buildings and available units. Happy managing of your own cool business!

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