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Fun Farm Business / Management Game - 30 Days Honey

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Test your quick multi-tasking skills, and become the world’s first virtual beekeeping millionaire! 30 Days Honey is a fun and unusual bee farming tycoon game for young children and teens where you become an entrepreneurial beekeeper, and have to produce as much honey as you can to sell for a profit! Build beehives, plant flowers and keep your business running smoothly by cleaning your hives, collecting honey, and keeping your flowers well watered.

Be careful not to get ‘stung’ by rising and falling honey prices – try to sell large amounts when the price is high! You only have 30 game-days to do business, so you’d better ‘bee’ quick! This fast-paced, mouse-clicking adventure requires savvy business strategy, good money-management skills, and quick fingers – you may have to tend to dozens of beehives at once. Happy honey and profit making, and Good luck!

How to Play: You have 30 ‘days’ to make as much profit as you can by setting up a smooth-running bee farm. Each game day lasts for roughly 30 seconds. You are presented with a large field on which you can set up your farm (You can place flowers and/or a beehive on the land). Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the area you want to plant in. Then, click on the lawnmower that appears in the bottom right corner of the game screen – you can only place items on freshly-cut grass. Click on the area of cut grass, and then click either the Bee Icon, or the Flower Icon. For each beehive you set down, it is advised that you plant two sets of flowers around it so that the bees can make sufficient honey.

After you have a few hives working and producing well, you can start to collect honey. Hover your mouse over a hive to check its status. The red Cleanliness Bar indicates how dirty the hive is, while the gold Honey Bar indicates how much honey has been collected by the bees. If the Honey Bar is over a third full, you can collect honey for profit by first clicking on the hive, and then clicking the honey jar that appears in the bottom right corner. Click on the Dustpan icon to clean the hive, allowing the bees to work more freely. Click the Hatchet icon to remove the hive. Keep the flowers healthy by regularly watering them using the Watering Can that appears each time you click on a bunch of flowers.

Every few days “Mr Bee” comes to the farm and offers to buy your honey at an inflated price. Work extra hard during this “day” to maximize your profits. Building hives and planting flowers costs virtual money (called Gs). You earn Gs through collecting honey. Count how many Gs you have in your account at the end of the 50 days.

Note: The instructions on the “How to Play” game interface are quite difficult to understand as they are written in low quality, broken English. However, don't let this deter you from your farming & profit making goals. In the real business world, most professionals and top executives globally still have little or no English language skills, and in order to do business with them in future, you will need to be ultra flexible and understanding. Trade is the global language, not English!

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