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Horse Training RPG Game Online - Horse Rancher

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Have you ever dreamed of owning your very own horse stable – entering horses into races, and training them to be Champion thoroughbreds? If so, then this is the game for you. Horse Rancher is a fun online tycoon horse-racing game where you have to feed, train and race your very own racehorse. You can choose a name for your new best friend, and watch as he blossoms into a top class racer. Keep him fed and happy in your stables so that when race-time comes, he’s in the best condition possible.

As well as the horse-trainer, you also play the role of the jockey – you have to control your horse during each increasingly difficult race. Earn sufficient virtual income to buy bigger and more powerful horses to enter your stable. This fun money-management and animal care activity is effective in aiding your ability to multi-task, as well as testing your quick reaction skills while racing the horses. Think you’ve got what it takes to make your stable a worldwide name? Ok Tip-top Trainer – it’s time to get to work!

How to Play: You start each game with enough virtual money to buy a horse to enter your stable. Click on the ‘Horse Shop’ icon using your computer mouse or touchpad. After choosing your horse, pick a fun and memorable name for him (or her). You also have to buy food (bales of hay as feed), as your horse must be kept well-fed to keep his strength up. Days pass quickly, with one turn of the clock in the top right corner of the game screen counting as one day.

Your horse eats one unit of feed a day, so make sure you are well stocked. If you run out of feedstuff, the horse gets weaker and weaker – and eventually is taken out of your stable, forcing you to begin again. To increase your horse’s skill, put him in Training where he runs against the clock. He automatically gallops (runs), but you have to speed him up by striking him encouragingly with the whip. Hit Spacebar on your computer keyboard to use the whip (stick). This increases your horse’s speed, but decreases his Stamina Bar at the same time. If the Stamina Bar decreases too much, your horse slows down considerably. Try to keep a balance between the whip and the Stamina Bar to keep your horse at a steady pace. Every few days, you are asked to enter a race. If you have sufficient funds available to pay the entrance fee, you can choose to enter your horse into the race. You use the same controls as when training, and you compete against other computer-controlled horses. Finish as high as you can to earn more virtual income.

If you earn enough virtual money to upgrade your horse, click the ‘Sell Horse’ icon, and go back to buy a bigger and more powerful horse in the ‘Buy Horse’ section. Toggle through the horses by clicking the blue arrows. Keep entering races and increasing your virtual income, and pretty soon you’ll be able to afford the best horses in the business, and become a racehorse tycoon.

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