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Unity Basketball Game Online - Basketball Sim 3D

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Are you ready for a truly difficult basketball challenge? If so, then pull on your virtual sneakers, and do some warmup – It’s time to take on one of the most challenging basketball games online! Basketball Sim 3D is a tricky virtual sports game where you take on a hot team of computer opponents in a quick-fire basketball match-up where the first team to reach 10 points is the winner! You control a plucky challenger team, and have to be at your dodging, weaving, passing, and shooting best in order to dethrone the computer-controlled Champs.

Set in a cool 3D full court simulation environment, this highly-charged basketball game may well take you a few attempts to master. Getting your players to move as a cohesive unit is hard to achieve, and requires good strategic management, persistence, and patience combined with plenty of trial and error. As with real-life basketball in the street or out on court, you need to exhibit really quick reactions and sharp movements if you want to evade your opponents’ tackles and block maneuvers. "Gung-ho, all-out attack" tactics simply will not work here – your computer rivals are way too savvy for that, and will pick you off with swift counter attacks. Your team needs a top coach, and must be subtle and decisive in its movements. Victory is just 10 points away – But have you got the mental and physical fortitude to pull off a famous win? Enjoy the challenge!

How to Play: (Note: this game requires Unity Web Player to play, and may require more time to load than other basketball games on this site).

You control the team in the navy blue jerseys, shooting from right to left. Use the WASD Keys or the Arrow Keys to control your players. The player closest to the ball at any time is ‘active’ (as indicated by the green circle around his legs). When in possession of the ball, press the Z Key to pass, and the X Key to shoot. When the opposition is in possession of the ball, you can make an interception by barging straight into the player with the ball. Press Z as the opponent is about to pass or shoot to perform a block-down move. Baskets from within the scoring semi-circle are worth 2 points while successful shots from outside the D score a 3 pointer. The first team to reach at least 10 points is the winner. Swish!

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