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Institut César Langues, Montpellier:
Institut César Langues is located in the beautiful historic centre of Montpellier, the capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France. The calm and welcoming atmosphere of the Institute makes it the ideal place to make real progress in French; be it for business or pleasure. We offer intensive and general French, business French, exam preparation courses including DELF, CCIP and TCF as well as tailor-made French courses. Courses are available all year round. We also provide lessons in English, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch.

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Intensive French:
This immersion in the language allows you to practise your French, to rapidly get back a level you used to have and to make a lot of progress in a relatively short time. These intensive courses are perfect if you don't live in France, if you want to progress as much as possible in a minimum of time, if you want to prepare for an exam or a job interview, but also just for the pleasure of learning a language and to learn in a fun way.

Originally individual courses, you may consider "sharing" your teacher with your partner, with one or several of your friends, with your neighbour,  if you would like to learn together in small groups at more advantageaous prices. The courses are for all people wishing to learn and/or to improve his or her level in French, for personal, academic or professional reasons.

The formula

You have 15 hours of classes per week: 5 days a week, 3 hours a day (or more if you prefer). And this for 1, 2, 3 , 4 or more weeks if you choose. ThesePhoto of French Language Courses in France courses can be taken all year round at the time of your choice.

For those who come from abroad, we recommend lodging with a French family (home stay) to immerse yourself even more during your stay in Montpellier.

The avantages
- A real immersion in the French language.
- The objectives and contents of the course programme are adapted to your level of language as well as to your specific desires or needs.
- Very rapidly, you'll notice a big progress. You'll feel more at ease in French.
- Your teacher (if you wish) will give you homework and/or activities to do to immerse yourself even more into the language you're learning. For example your teacher might ask you to do some grammar exercises at home, to read a small book, write a short text, watch an interesting film or television program, look up an interesting website or visit an interesting place in or around Montpellier ...

Individual courses:

For 60 minutes or more, you are one-to-one with your teacher, who will help you to achieve your objectifs. You can use your course to practise your French (or any other language), to get back your level, to prepare an exam or a job interview, for personal pleasure, ...

Our formulas
Courses of 60, 90 or 120 minutes ... or more if you want. You can have just one lesson, or take advantage of the packs of 10 courses that we offer. The time-schedule of the courses is adapted to your own schedule.

You can also "share" your teacher and come with your husband or wife, one or several friends, your neighbour, etc. And what about taking an intensive course of 15 hours per week during which you completely immerse into the language?

The advantages
- The objectives and the course programmes are modified to your linguistic level.
- The teacher will adapt the courses to your specific needs, and according to your expectations.
- You can mImage of French Language Courses in Franceake the most of your class time to develop your fluency and to progress rapidly.

Preparation for exams and job interviews:
The exams you can prepare for at Institut César Langues are:
 DELF, CCIP, preparation of entry exams (eg : internal European Parliament tests for Interpreters) ...

To fully prepare you for a job interview, we'll work on the linguistic and communicative skills that will enable you to feel at ease on 'the big day' by means of role plays in context, preparation of what you're going to say, etc.

The formula
The preparation of exams and job interviews takes place in individual courses à la carte, according to your needs and availabilities, or in intensive courses.

You decide what form is the most suitable for your situation and according to your availability. These preparatory courses are individual so as to best cater to your needs and to fulfil the specific evaluation criteria of the exam or job interview for which you are preparing.

The advantages
The objectives and the content of the course programme are adapted to your level of language and the exam you are preparing.

Business Language Trainings - Courses for companies:
These professionnal language courses are designed for all companies wishing to educate their employees in French or other languages. And so, they're for all employees wishing to do a language course paid for by their company.

Our courses cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Types of courses
- Courses specialising in different areas of business, for example, human ressource management, media, tourism, or even juridical or medical language ...
- Courses adapted to the products and services of your company (tailor-made courses)
- Preparation for exams or job interviews
- Courses and follow-up by phone

French & Theme:
For all people wishing to practise French in a more intensive way and in a precise contexte: the world of wine, the universe of Nature.
For all levels: from beginners to advanced students! (A1 - C1)
The maximum number of students in a group is 5 / 6. The classes contain a minimum of 3 students.

Classes from Monday to Friday. Because the courses need a special organisation, we offer the Themed French courses at special dates, mainly in Summer. (cf. dates) However, we can organise these courses on request for ready-made groups (minimum 4 people) : groups of friends, members of Wine Clubs, French courses, hiking clubs, etc. anyway for all those who are wishing to combine the learning of French with a theme.

The three-hour-classes of French in the morning are developed around the theme of your choice! This means that all grammar aspects, vocabulary, syntaxe and phonetics are treated in context! Most of all though, you will be able to SPEAK French!

Every afternoon you will enjoy varied activities related to the theme of your choice. A visit of a wine domain followed by a winetasting? A hiking trip to discover the flore of the region? A biking trip to the beach through the étangs?

The activites are organized by your teachers and professionals.

In this way, the morning classes will give you the ability to understand and what's more, to speak with the guides and other professionnals during the activities. So, in the morning you'll learn, and in the afternoon, you'll practise! An ideal solution to improve your French in a relatively short time and while having fun!

- French and Wine
- French and Nature
- Summercourse French

We also offer:
- Courses for Seniors 50+

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Address: Rue de l'Amandier, Montpellier, France
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Le Français Face à Face, Loire Valley
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Located in the famous Loire Valley, in the city of Angers in western France, Le Francais Face à Face offers one-to-one French language immersion programmes for people of all levels - beginner to advanced. Angers is situated in the Maine-et-Loire department and is approximately 300 km (190 miles) south-west of Paris.

Whether you wish to acquire the language for private or professional purposes, whether you are a total beginner or already at ease in the language, Le Francais Face à Face and our custom-made residential programmes help you push your knowledge further and gain confidence within a very short time.

Open all year round, we give you the opportunity to enjoy a 1, 2 or 3-week stay in France with a private teacher boosting your skills in French while you live the French way of life in a spacious and beautiful loft. Each of our private programmes is designed to meet your specific needs and provides you with fully personalised tuition.

Special Offer: Book for a second week and receive 10% off!
One-to-one residential French language programmes:

- One-to-one intensive French programme: 35 hours / 5 days – suitable for all levels
- One-to-one intensive French programme: 28 hours / 4 days – suitable for all levels
- One-to-one semi-intensive French programme: 35h / 5 days – suitable for all levels
- One-to-one intensive week-end: 18h / 2 days – suitable for intermediate or advanced levels

Contact us if you want another programme designed to suit your specific needs and requirements.
Inflexyon, Lyon
Courses / Programs
A French school designed for foreign students, Inflexyon offers various courses that are adapted to every student. Because of this, Inflexyon develops an original teaching method, targeting the acclimation of students to French life in all areas. Thus, Inflexyon emphasizes on oral methods by lively classes, expression workshops which are accented on meeting other foreign students and French people.

Classed as a « world heritage » by UNESCO, Lyon is ideal to discover french life and learn to speak french. In the crossroads of Europe, the second city of France offers a unique cultural environment, a known gastronomy and an active and enriching student life. Welcome to Lyon, welcome to Inflex.
Standard French Courses; Intensive French Courses; French Classes for Au Pairs.
Family-friendly Courses at France Langue & Culture on the French Riviera
Courses / Programs
• France Langue & Culture is a French language school located in Saint Raphaël, on the beautiful French Riviera coast in the south of France, close to Nice and Cannes.

• We offer a wonderful way of learning French while enjoying a delightful holiday in France at very reasonable prices.

• We call this concept French Language Holidays and it basically comprises a morning language course leaving the remainder of the day for leisure and sports.

• The school offers a package that includes comfortable living accommodations, at most a short walk to the beach, and a Children's Club with real and playful tuiton classes and activities for the youngsters while the parents are in their classes. We also organize school excursions to fascinating and interesting places.

• Specializing in courses in the French language the school offers a full curriculum for individuals and families.

Student Testimonial:
"The course was everything I expected and more...Written work was enjoyable and entertaining and the opportunity to speak French freely with the teachers and students, without embarrassment, was just what I wanted.

Staying with a French host was very enjoyable and necessitated, in my case, communication in French at all times as my hostess spoke no English...I would recommend the course to anyone needing to immerse themselves in French Language and Culture."

- Lindsay, UK
French Language Enrichment Programs for Adults & Children:

• Summer French Course for Adults
• Intensive French Course for Adults
• High Intensive French Course for Adults
• One-Week French Course for Adults (intermediate & advanced level only)
• 2-week Crash Courses for absolute beginners
• French Courses for families
• Group French Courses
• Private French lessons / One-to-one tutoring with teacher
• Spring / Winter French courses
• Seminar for French Language Teachers
• The Children's Club (Ages 6-12)
• Student French Course (Ages 13-17)
LeoLingua, Lyon
Courses / Programs
LeoLingua is a private language institute located in Lyon France aimed at the foreign students and expatriates wanting to learn and practice French.

We propose French courses in groups but also private lessons at the school or on Skype.

LeoLingua benefits:

Groups of maximum 6 people
Admissions possible throughout the year
Flexible course duration
Fully qualified teachers
97% of our students pass the DELF DALF tests and the TCFexams
Accommodation, and Visa support
Free cultural sightseeing tours all the year round
- Intensive French course (60 hours per month)
- Extra Intensive French course (80 hours per month)
- Business French course
- Private lessons
- Skype lessons
- Evening French classes
- Online French classes via Skype
Gastronomicom International French Culinary Academy
Courses / Programs
Improve your French language skills and experience high-quality culinary arts career training with Gastronomicom International French Culinary Academy in the south of France!

Gastronomicom is a leading culinary arts institute that offers certificate and diploma programs (taught in English) in French Cooking and French Pastry that may be combined with intensive French language lessons.

The objective of our French classes is to teach you to speak French as a professional language (kitchen, food & beverage, hospitality) as well as a general language for daily use (transports, shopping, tourism).

We also intend to introduce France to you and to impart to you something about French culture, French civilisation and the French “way of life”.

Gastronomicom International French Culinary Academy is located in a modern, unique campus in the lively town of Agde, next to the beautiful resort Cap d’Agde on the Mediterranean coast between Montpellier & Perpignan, and is conveniently close to Beziers Airport, and about 120 km from the Spanish border.

Agde is set in a wonderful landscape, with beautiful nearby beaches, palm-trees, excellent Mediterranean food and the most important vineyard in Europe. The climate is extremely pleasant year round.

"I learned an incredible amount about pastry cooking and improved my level of French, and it is my goal to wrap up that training with one more final month of classes there and an internship working in a pastry kitchen afterwards."
- Emma
Culinary Certificate Programs
- French Cooking: 1-month, 2-month & 3-month courses
- French Pastry: 1-month, 2-month & 3-month courses

* 8-week & 12-week programs are combined with Intensive French lessons
* 12-week programs may also be combined with an optional 4-month internship (work experience placement) in a luxury Hotel-restaurant in France

- We also offer 1 and 2 year Culinary Diploma programs.
CLE French Language School
Courses / Programs
CLE is situated in the Loire Valley in the heart of the lively old town section of Tours (in central France, approximately 150 km south-west of Paris). Founded in 1985, CLE is an independent institute for French studies. Our years of teaching abroad have helped us to create a friendly school with a positive working atmosphere. Our bright and comfortable premises and dedicated staff will ensure that you study in the most favourable conditions. At CLE, you will rapidly feel at home.
- Small group classes (“A la carte” courses, combined courses & standard courses)
- Individual courses
- Courses for couples
- Courses for adolescents
- DELF or DALF exam preparation
- TEF exam preparation