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Language and Music For Life:
Music is your passport, languages are your visas. Founded in 1997, Language and Music for Life offers unique 2-week or 3-week summer music and language courses in Wales, UK. LMFL provides quality one-to-one training in a wide range of instruments & voice tuition to highly-motivated musicians of all ages (children aged 5+, teenagers & adults). In addition, we offer English and foreign language classes in private lessons or small groups. LMFL Summer Courses 2018 will be hosted by Llandovery College, a co-educational day and boarding school in Llandovery, a market town in beautiful Carmarthenshire in south-west Wales. Students can conveniently avail of Cardiff International Airport, and Bristol International Airport in England.

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Summer Music & Language Course
Photo of Summer Language & Music Courses in Wales, UKOur main course is 2 weeks in duration, or 3 weeks with our optional, intensive Pre-Course.

LMFL Student Age Profiles:
• Young musicians ages 5-12 (accompanied by their parents / guardians)
• Unaccompanied children from 11+ (if their parents / guardians cannot accompany them)
• Teenagers & Adults (with no upper age limit)

Masterclasses / Private Tuition / Workshops are available for the following instruments:

Image of Summer Language & Music Courses in Wales, UK• Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, Harp)
• Wind & Brass (Oboe, Clarinet, Flute / Piccolo, Recorder, Saxophone, Brass, Saxophone / Flute Jazz)
• Sax Ensemble Workshop
• Piano / Piano Jazz / Organ
• Guitar (Acoustic & Electric) & Bass Guitar
• Drums Workshop
• Jazz Sessions
• Voice tuition (classical and jazz)

Rental options are available for Cello, Guitar, and Harp. 

Vocal Training:
• Classical Vocal Tuition (one to one)
• Gospel / Jazz / Pop Vocal Tuition (one to one)
• Classical Vocal Workshop: Sinonida Miletic and Leonardo De Lisi. Vocal technique and interpretation of classical songs and operatic arias by the main Italian, French, German, English and Spanish composers from the early 17th century until the modern age.

Additional Music Courses include:
• Orchestra Conducting
• Music Composition
• Music Theory
• Chamber Music
• Choir
• Trinity Exam Preparation

Language Courses:
Photos of Language and Music For LifeLMFL concurrently provides quality tuition in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) as well as French, Spanish, German, or Italian in very small groups (5-6 maximum) or one-to-one tuition. 

Although the preferred language of communication is English, it is nevertheless possible to learn and practice several second languages.

Levels & Methodology:
Language and Music for Life's summer music and language courses are designed primarily for highly motivated musicians with a level of musical knowledge enabling them to derive maximum benefit from high quality tuition.

The course is open to musicians preparing for national, international exams or competitions, as well as to skilled amateurs. 

Our music and language project functions in a context which is rich in individual ability, motivation, language, culture and generations.

Learning is not to be restricted to its manifestation in performance, though this is an essential part, but is to be intimately linked to the dynamics of the whole individual who is able to learn while changing, and able to change while learning.

Intensive One-Week Language & Music Pre-Course:

Picture of Summer Language & Music Courses in Wales, UKDue to the demand for the opportunity to take an intensive language course prior to joining our summer music and language program, we offer a one-week crash course in English, French, Spanish or German + music tuition (chamber music) for students who are registering for our Musical Summer Course. 

The number of places on offer for this pre-course is limited to 30 while there are 100 places in the main course. This course is held before the main summer course.

Trinity College London Exams in Summer:

During the course, you can take world-recognized Trinity College London exams.

Trinity College London provides exams and awards qualifications in over 60 countries around the world, and LMFL provides our summer students with the opportunity to take Trinity College London music qualifications.

Music Courses in France 2019: 
We will also run a music summer camp in the south of France for adults & teenagers (17+) at advanced level or professional musicians. (Students 15 and 16 years old may be accompanied at our France courses by their parents).

Reviews from Parents:
•  "I also would like to give my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to attend the LMFL course in Firenze. It was an honour to study with such wonderful teachers, as well as gain valuable experience.

The chance to meet so many other gifted people from across the globe, and work with them; was a great experience. Again, thank you and I hope to go back next year!"

Craig Walstead, Composer, USA

•  "Thanks for the videos – and thank you also for the course – very nice to go back some weeks in time and recall what all was done. It was an exhausting but excellent period – Ben really liked it very much (as well as his Mom and Dad). Also we believed he developed his general sense of music very well.

As a matter of fact we now plan to come back next summer and will try to make the enrolment soon. Thanks and best wishes."

Ben, composer, pianist, Thailand

•  "First of all let me spend two words on Cecilia's stay during these two weeks and a half. We are very happy that she has been so well with all you, her tutors and her actual roommates. She told us she would have stayed some more time and that she is very sad in leaving! This is for us and I suppose for you too the best result of this music and language course. We look forward to seeing her photos and video to live again with her this experience..Thank you so much again for your kindness and availability."
Antonello & Marina Costa

•  "Let me take this opportunity to say that Marta only has good words about the course and about her experience during those days. It was her first international experience and I am sure that she will never forget it. 

We were also amazed of her significant progress in just two weeks! Our congratulations for facilitating music students such a great team and warm climate. I hope we can repeat next year."

Pilar, Madrid, Spain

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