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Summer Language & Music Camp in UK

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Language and Music For Life, Summer Music Camps in UK 2024:
Learn your way with tailored lessons and custom tuition packages! Founded in 1997, and with 26 Years of Experience in running quality camps, Language and Music for Life offers a unique 2-week summer music and language courses in Wales, UK for British & international students. LMFL provides quality one-to-one training in a wide range of instruments & voice tuition to highly-motivated musicians of all ages (children aged 5+, teenagers & adults). In addition, we offer English and foreign language classes in private lessons or small groups. Our Summer Courses 2024 will be hosted by Llandovery College, a co-educational day and boarding school in Llandovery, Wales. It is accessible from all parts of the UK through excellent road, rail and air links (Approximately 312km from London, 140km from Bristol and 133km from Birmingham. The closest international airport is Cardiff International Airport, just 45 miles away, with direct flights from major cities in UK & Europe).

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Summer Music Camps in UK for Accomplished & Learning Musicians:

Photo of Summer Language & Music Camp in UK• Language and Music for Life's summer music and language courses are designed primarily for highly-motivated musicians with a level of musical knowledge enabling them to derive maximum benefit from high quality tuition.

• The course is open to musicians preparing for national, international exams or competitions, as well as to skilled amateurs and "tourist musicians".

•  With professional, award-winning tutors with outstanding expertise:  With numerous accolades, years of experience, and a genuine passion for teaching, our tutors maintain the highest educational standards to ensure you receive top-tier guidance on your path to musical and language mastery.

• Language and Music for Life summer camps are truly an international event with between 23 to 38 countries on average represented in each course.

• We will also offer a music summer camp in Florence, Italy in 2025 for adults & teens (17+) at advanced level or professional musicians.

Trinity College London Exams:
During the course, students have the opportunity to take world-recognized Trinity College London exams in music. Trinity College London provides exams and awards qualifications in over 60 countries around the world.

LMFL Student Age Profiles:

• Young musicians ages 5-12 (accompanied by their parents / guardians).
• Unaccompanied children from 11+ (if their parents / guardians cannot accompany them).
• Teenagers & Adults (no upper age limit).

Summer Music & Language Course UK 2024:

Image of Summer Language & Music Camp in UKOur main course is 2 weeks in duration, or 3 weeks with our optional, intensive Pre-Course.

• Our music and language project functions in a context which is rich in individual ability, motivation, language, culture and generations.

• Learning is not to be restricted to its manifestation in performance, though this is an essential part, but is to be intimately linked to the dynamics of the whole individual who is able to learn while changing, and able to change while learning.

• All of our music tuition is offered one to one, except  Jazz group, Sax Ensemble, Choir, two Strings Ensembles (by level, not by age), one Flute Ensemble (only advanced level), and Orchestra (for students at least Grade 7).

Music Courses include:
• Individual tuition in Violin, Viola, Cello, Harp, Flute & Piccolo; Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe, Brass, Guitar (acoustic & electric), Piano including jazz piano, & Drums. Orchestra conducting; Composition; Choir; Chamber music; Musicianship (new), Jazz ensemble.

• Classical Singing: Vocal technique & interpretation of classical songs & arias. Opera workshop.

• Jazz Singing: Individual classes aim to develop skills in the singing of jazz, or of songs from well-known musicals as well as pop music. Jazz vocal ensemble.

• Songwriting (New): individual tuition providing the tools, techniques, and inspiration needed to write compelling and memorable songs.

Language Courses include:
At the same time, LMFL provides quality tuition in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) as well as French, Spanish, Italian, and German in very small groups (5-6 maximum) or through one to one tuition.

Although the preferred language of communication is English, it is nevertheless possible to learn and practice several second languages.

• We will also offer a music camp in Florence, Italy in summer 2025 for adults & teens (17+) at advanced level or professional musicians. Instrumental Tuition: Piano, Piano Jazz, Violin, Viola, Cello, Harp, Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Percussion, and Brass.

Picturesque Location in Wales for UK & International Students:

Photos of Language and Music For Life, Summer Music Camps in UK 2024• Situated on the campus of a boarding school in Llandovery, a market town in Carmarthenshire, south-west Wales UK, Language and Music for Life offers unique 2-week or 3-week summer classical music, jazz, and language courses to highly-motivated musicians of all ages (children aged 5+, teenagers & adults).

• Llandovery is accessible from all parts of the UK through excellent road, rail and air links (Approximately 312km from London, 140km from Bristol and 133km from Birmingham. The closest international airport is Cardiff International Airport, just 45 miles away, with direct flights from major cities in UK & Europe.

Who Are LMFL Students?

Picture of Summer Language & Music Camp in UK• One third intend to become professional musicians, and looking back over past years, they have done very well (Some students are already teachers in Conservatoires in their own country, some are now performers, and all of those who intended to join their preferred music college, did so).

• LMFL students are typically excellent, enlightened musicians who chose to go to Oxford, Cambridge and other high calibre colleges, with music being part of their “profile” needed to gain entry to these prestigious colleges in the UK.

• Some summer students are already outstanding musicians who will pursue a career as a professional performer.

• Some students are “tourist musicians”. They are encouraged by their parents or guardians who want what is best for the child or young adult in education. Interestingly, at least half of these students return home to their own lives having become passionate musicians over the summer course and immersion experience.

• One third of our students are English speakers.

"It was such an amazing experience - musically, socially, productively! I’ve come away feeling I’ve made not only a lot of progress in music and Italian, but also made many new friends."
- Zachary, England

"The whole atmosphere is very welcoming. It makes you very happy and very inspired. I always look forward to spending days here. And I'm gonna miss this so much."
- Tatiana, aged 14, Switzerland

Reviews from Parents:

Images of Language and Music For Life, Summer Music Camps in UK 2024•  "Dear Arlette, you and your family have created a wonderful learning environment through LMFL. Traveling from Australia, LMFL offers our daughter, Cedar (12), a great opportunity to immerse herself in music making with students and teachers from diverse backgrounds.

LMFL has developed Cedar’s confidence and drive to become a musician and given her more of an understanding of what it means to be a musician.  The encouragement,  support and advice that has been given to her both at the course and outside of the course from from violin Professors Jean-Luc Borsarello, David Russell and Albert Markov has been exceptional.

A reason for choosing LMFL was the unique opportunity to work daily with speciality teachers (violin and piano) and the option to explore areas of music that Cedar does not usually engage in, such as a conducting.  Cedar continues to be inspired long after the course completes each year, not only by the teachers she works with directly, but by all the Faculty members. We thank them all, but particularly Katia Nemirovich-Dantchenko (accompanying and piano), Rustem Kudoyarov (piano), Matthias Dulack (conducting), Richard Crabtree (String Orchestra) and of course William Godfree (Choir).

Cedar is again looking forward to the beautiful natural environment of Llandovery in 2024, she says ‘working hard becomes more fun’ at LMFL. What she really enjoys, is that the learning environment is one based on forming friendships, supporting each other and making music together rather than competition. 

An atmosphere, I believe, is facilitated through the:
- Diversity ages and ability of students you welcome to LMFL,

Breadth of subjects available across both Jazz and Classical genres,
Emphasis on sharing of music through performance
Amazing attitude of the teaching Faculty; and
Friendly and flexible attitude of support staff.

Cedar is fortunate to have become part of the extended musical family, you and your teaching Faculty create each year, at your courses in the UK and in Europe
Felicity, mother of a child prodigy who has just registered for their 3rd year.

•  "We want to let you know how much Peter enjoyed his time at LMFL Landovery...both the excellent quality of the music instruction (which he found to be truly exceptional) and the many close friends he made.

In fact, one of them, Eugenio, has just visited Peter and his cousin Davide here in Florence, Italy for a few days. I know they expect to enjoy other reunions with LMFL friends as well.

Peter is definitely planning to return to LMFL next year, perhaps even for two sessions. Meanwhile, we wish you a very good year and we look forward to being in touch regarding enrolment for next summer. Please keep us informed of any news regarding the LMFL program."

Emily and Marcelo, New York, USA

•  "Every year something new, always better quality, better atmosphere… and for the past two summers even so you warned us that Wales means rain every day, we were lucky enough to experiment incredibly sunny weather.

The teachers really care for their students, you care for the teachers, the students, the parents. I cannot wait for next year (Llandovery)."

Ana, Norway 

•  "Aprés quelques semaines de vous avoir quitté à Llandovery, l’experience vécue est encore très vivante chez nous, et Marta est vraiment encouragée et motivée. Les enregistrements qu’on a fait à l’occasion du concert le dernier jour montrent un niveau musical étonnant et une excellente ambiance.

En fait, nous sommes dejà en train de décider pour l’année prochaine, aussi tôt que les dates seront fixées nous allons vous contacter pour la reservation. Nous vous prions de bien vouloir remercier de notre part Nadia Korshakova, mais aussi William, Richard, Jean-Luc, Alexander, et toute l’équipe: Son travail est exceptionel.

En ce qui vous concerne, chère Arlette, nous vous remercions de votre attention avec Marta et nous restons à l’attente de vos nouvelles pour la prochaine année."

Josep, France

Updated: 2024-03-12

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